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Mis Report

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Assignment 2 for MIS 1. Give an illustrative database for an Information system for Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. Design various reports required by management for decision making. 2. Give three output formats (reports) for a Help desk at Ruby Hospital, Pune. 3. National Investment Co. is in the business of Financial Management. They accept fixed deposits of different types and also give loan on Fixed deposit. They pay interest to the investors periodically. The management of the company is interested in getting MIS reports from the system. ) Give layout for any 4 major files in the system. b) Draw ERD for the system. c) Give 2 MIS report layouts. 4. Give an illustrative database and four report layouts for an Information System for British Library Pune. 5. Design the following formats of reports produced by Payroll system. What information the organization will get from these reports? a) Pay slip b) Provident fund statement c) Department wise salary summary. 6. Draw the following report layouts and explain their use in decision making. a) Pending sales orders. b) Product wise sales (periodical basis) ) Product wise rejection analysis. 7. Draw report layouts for the following and elaborate the use of these reports in the process of decision making. i) Stock register ii) Pending Purchase requisition (submitted to purchase department) 8. A distributer of building supplies for construction contractors has a database involving three types of entities: suppliers, products, and customers. Identify some of the important attributes of each type of entity. Draw Entity Relationship Diagram. 9. A mobile company is developing mobile billing system.

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Mis Report

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Company is offering more than one mobile to customer. The mobile company offers facilities like music on demand, internet, alerts and messages, electricity bill payment etc. Customer can choose facilities he wants customer can pay bill either in cash, using credit card or through ECS. The bill shows details about tariff, facility charges and rent. As a analyst design a system having a) Input screen for application for new mobile number. b) Format of pending Bill report 10. Design a web page for Airline reservation system. .

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