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Perception of Customers on the Quality of Food Services Offered by Selected Restaurant

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The researcher choose bar and grill as a food service establishment that they will use in determining. The service quality it provides because many of the restaurant found in Bulacan is bar and grill. The service quality of some of the bar and grill restaurants found in Bulacan has been observed to be poor and unsatisfying to other customers.

The causes must be found on the remedial measures may be done. The researcher will use the SERVQUAL instrument developed by Mr. Eduardo Castro of College of Engineering in Bulacan state University.

The Current Business Status of the Recovery Room Restaurant and Bar

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This study focused on the analysis of the current business status of the recovery room restaurant and bar. It is primarily to develop innovative management policies and new marketing strategies that should be done and implement to improve the operations management of the establishment.

This also aime to improve the current business status of the recovery room restaurant and bar to achieve customer loyalty, to achieve total customer satisfaction, to boost productivity among their employees, to assume financial stability and to boost sales and beat the competitions. The respondents of the are the recovery room restaurant and bar top management level, personnel and customers.

The Acceptability of Doughnut on a Stick as a Healthy Street Food Option

The focus of the study was to determine the acceptability of donut on a stick as a healthy-street food option.The respondents of the study were the students of all school level like nursery, elementary, highschool and college. The selection was done at random basis.

Other respondents were passer’s by that includes parents, instructors or professor and other individual that were not classified as students to assure how effective and efficient the study was the respondents were also the customers who bought the doughnuts from 10:00 in the morning up to 5:00 in the afternoon which was important in evaluating the product.

Assessment of Trainees Competencies

This study focused on the local training fifty students trainees of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Bulacan State University. The aspect to be studied was limited to the competencies of the trainees during their local on the job training. The respondents of the study were fifty students from Hotel and Restaurant Management course at Bulacan State University, City of Malolos, Bulacan batch 2010-2011 who have undergone local training.

  • Comparative Analysis of the Technical Skills and Management Competencies of Hrm and Non-Hrm Graduates Employed in Selected Hotels in Bulacan

The study evaluated the technical skills and management competencies of HRM and NON-HRM graduates employed in selected hotel in Bulacan. It examined the amount of training that should be provided in college and industry. The study attempted to learn the responsibility of the school in equipping their students with skill-building opportuinities so their students can compete effectively in the hospitality industry.

Problems Encountered By the Hotel and Restaurant Management Practicums In Their On-the-Job-Training

  • Customer Service

One of the main issues that management has to face in the hotel and restaurant industry is dealing with difficult customers. Dealing with these customers takes patience, finesse, and knowing what steps are possible for management to take. A manager usually has the power to provide a free meal, entree, or even to comp a room for a night for a guest when there is a difficult problem.

The manager has to know what is appropriate given the current situation. For example, a customer who finds glass in their food expects that meal to be replaced and to be free. A person may also expect a hotel room to be free for at least one night if there was a problem with the room's plumbing, the reservation or something similar. It is the job of the manager to placate the person correctly and solve the problem without giving too many free items away.

  • Maintenance problems

Maintenance problems can often arise with hotel and restaurant management. On the job training in a practicum situation may see an issue arise with the plumbing or there may be other issues with regards to maintenance. One would have to figure out how to solve the issue appropriately and quickly to ensure no loss of customers and minimal after effects.

  • Food and timing

The timing of food being ordered and delivered to the table can be a problem that comes up in a practicum because restaurants get busy and the chefs have to keep up. When they do not, or if food arrives at the table cold, a manager has to solve the issue with the employees and placate the customer.

Perception of Customers on the Quality of Food Services Offered by Selected Restaurant essay

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