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Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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We’ve been scratching our heads on the best way to really educate you this year, but unfortunately, the only genius ideas we could think of have been “how to sleep creatively in class” and “how to have social life while crying through your studies” – if you ever need these, please let us know.

Seeing as we could not really come up with better (and boring) education-related suggestions for you, we decided to write about us (we’re vain… I know), and the 7 major benefits you’d get by using our services this academic year.

Better Review & Improvement Process

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Previously, we relied on our writers to provide a good quality project, but due to cost restrictions, we could not get it externally reviewed. This caused a number of quality related issues that we’re not very proud of. Now we assess every written project using a rigid and thorough review process.

We started this on all projects written from August and the results so far have been really positive. We are confident that with this review process, the quality of written projects would improve substantially.

Now the only thing you need to worry about is getting high grades, and defending it. Wicked!!!

Better Money Back and Refunds Policy

In line with changes to our Review Process, we don’t just want to make empty promises about our optimism and excelling services. We’re putting our money where our mouth is, which is why we’ve published our first ever Money Back and Refunds Policy.

Now you can get discount vouchers or refunds if we miss your deadline, plagiarise on your work, fail to follow your instructions or if your work returns with a lesser than desired grade. We hope this would help convince you and your friends that we are in this to make sure you graduate with outstanding grades, and we would like to improve the quality of service you receive from us.

In other words… you just got an insurance on our site…from our site… lol.

Better Referral Rewards

Significant portions of our customers come to us through referrals and repeat purchases. We believe it is because of the trust relationship already established and high levels of satisfaction that you come back again and still refer friends, colleagues, strangers and enemies to us (referrals are not just limited to friends that would be unfair and discriminatory. You could get sued.).

Now we’re extending it to the referred client. If you refer anyone to us, you still get 1,000 words Free or $50 cash. In addition to that, your friend also gets a 5% discount on their first project. Now isn’t that a Super Deal?

In other words…. gather up all your enemies and refer them. You could become a millionaire easily!

Better Customer Service

In line with our promise to improve quality of service, we’re also introducing our site Rack. Rack means “Random Act of Kindness”, and applies to customers that need little things done for them, such as proofreading a short essay they wrote themselves, correcting something in a dissertation they wrote, or absorbing the extra writer cost if they made an error on their order.

We would do all these things for you because we care about you and your academic progress. Please don’t get all mushy mushy!

Better Dissertation Writing Service

Dissertations account for a large portion of your academic units, and also a large portion of the work we do at our site. To improve the quality of our dissertation service, we’ve published a couple of guidelines for our writers to follow.

The most important thing here is that you now receive a plan before we start writing, and are involved in every stage of the work. Furthermore, the final dissertation is reviewed before you get it, just so you know you have nothing to worry about.

Better Value for Money

So wait a minute. Your project is now reviewed. You get our site insurance from our site, Better Customer Service, Better Opening Times and a Much Better Dissertation Writing Service.

I guess we would both agree that it is rational for us to increase our fees from $100 to $1,000 per 1,000 words. I mean a 2,000 word undergraduate essay would only cost $2,000. That’s a steal, especially considering ALL the additional benefits you’d get.

But then again, if we do that, we’d all be driving a Ferraris at our site and you’d be errr….. uhmm….. just fine I guess (and super broke).

So let’s show you a magic trick (again… Wicked)… We would do all these things for you (including Rack), and our fees would only increase by $9 / 1,000 words. Even the VAT we have to pay is much more than $9. And no, we’re not reducing our writer fees, we’re also increasing it to make sure they’re happy as well.

Finally… remember our slogan: We Write, You Pass. Simple.

That’s promise. We provide an easier way for you to pass and we want to fulfil that promise with you, your friends, colleagues, and enemies.

We’re professionals building the best writing service. We’re implementing better ways for you to pass and graduate with an outstanding grade, and it really gives me great pleasure to offer these 7 Better Benefits to you.

I wish you all the best in your academic year and would be happy to assist you whenever you call on us.

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