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Here are some customer expectations - expand on these and say how effectively Lex meets these: 1. In Lex they have a customer services which meets the needs and expectations effectively because they want the customers to keep coming back to them and make them want to hire trucks more ect. And also they want the customers to feel satisfied and it would also make them feel that they are getting their money's worth out of the services. This increases profits in Lex.

In Lex they have good customer service centre which currently employs 97 staff ho serves more than 30, 000 vehicles, from procurement to disposal CSC staff handle all requests for maintenance, whether scheduled and or unscheduled and also management fleets. This meets the needs and expectations because it deals with all numerous problems that the customers face. It also helps them to find out what they need to know and as it has 97 current staff working, they are then able to handle any requests that they face, whether they are scheduled or not scheduled they would solve anything for their customers.

This meets the needs of being served efficiently and they have a good knowledge of the products and this makes it easier to solve problems. This will then make the customers happy therefore a repeat of business can take place, by the customers telling their friends and family, in this way the sales of Lex will rise and therefore so will the profit. 3. At Lex 500,000 calls are made which are monitored every year by the customer service managers through the call centre telephone. This helps to improve the quality of services they have.

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Access to the centre by phone is available 24hours a day, with the heaviest staffing of the centre from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. RAC commercial assistance handles calls outside these hours. It meets the customers needs effectively - accessibility and are more satisfied customers and its good for Lex because the sales and profits increase. 4. Management system. They are accessible 24 hours a day with the heaviest staffing of the centre being from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. This helps to meet customer needs availability.

This helps to meet the needs of the customers because the customers have a long period of time in which they can phone in and also they are also going to be expecting good responses and this is likely as they have a very good team of staff. This meets the needs of Lex because the staff will then feel better about their job because they will see customers who are happy and this will make the staff feel proud of them selves and the business becomes better and the sales and profits increase.

Customers can access these centres during specific times throughout the whole day and they are open every day of the week which is good because it meets the needs by making sure that they are available when the customer needs them. This is an advantage for the customers because they can then rely upon the staff to be their anytime to help them out. This is also meeting the needs of the customers because they then become familiar with the staffs which make it easier for them to relate to each other.

This meets the needs of Lex because it will ensure that the customer is satisfied and also if they are familiar with the staff, then they will also be aware of any problems that arise and it also helps to make a new friendship. 6. The RAC commercial Assistant (RACCA) is based in Cheadle and it helps meets the needs of the customers because it is open 24 hours a day and it is open 365 day a year. There are also a lot of employees at hand, which are waiting for customers to phone in.

This is a good thing for the customers because at least they know that they are going to be helped. 7. Lex recognises that a successful service delivery is important and this is done by a well trained team of people who are rewarded a well done for their job. This team are awarded often to ensure that they are doing their jobs well. The staff's performance is at their best to ensure that the delivery service is the best service experience to the customers.

This motivates the staff to produce a good friendly polite customer service and this is good for Lex because having a good customer services can increase their sales which also increase profit. 8. After every three months the training plan ensures that each individual has the opportunity to continue to develop with the company but for the ones who are good and efficient and have good product knowledge. This is excellent for the customers because they are given the best trained staff for them to be served.

This meets the needs of Lex because it gives the business a good reputation, which helps to increase the profit as they will have more sales. 9. Every employee has a say in how the CSC is run by contributing to a quarterly survey. This ensures that all of the staff can relate to problems that they are facing and within the surveys they can verify any problems or issues that they wish to discuss or overcome. This helps to meet the needs of the customers because they are then getting the service they pay for, as the only thing that is on the staff's mind is the need of the customer.

10. Good communication is ensured by the team meetings that are held to discuss any key issues, developments and new customers. This is a good way of meeting the needs of the customer because it ensures that both the staff and the customer understand each other accurately, and it also makes sure that the exact things are done at the right time. 11. The recent developments that contribute to good customer services include internet based systems with their suppliers. This allows the suppliers to electronically gain authority to commence work and update jobs.

This meets the needs of the customer because it reduces the number of phone calls at the centres hence the customers will always get through and it leaves more capacity for the customers. This meets the needs of Lex because it means that they are dealing with more customers and this will make them happier, and this can also make their profit grow because they will be making more sales. The recent developments also have the benefits of speeding up the authorisation process and reduce the number of phone calls leaving more capacity for the customer.

F3- suggests improvements to the following: I think the customer services provision can be improved in Lex by doing the following to meet the need of the customer and Lex more effectively and that the customer services in Lex Transfleet on the whole is very good however there are always things that could make it even better. Some of the points below are which I think that Lex are missing out on because if they have these there service would be more than perfect:

I think that the communication skills that they use are excellent because they have a call centre available for 24 hours a day. Although it runs for a long period of time they still only have 11operators which I think is a bit less. So I think that they should have more staff on their call centres so that more people can get through to them in a shorter period of time. This could also be a good chance for Lex to employ new staff and while employing them it is also reducing the pressure on other staff members doing that job.

It can also become more efficient but they may need help to increase their profits. The communication skills at Lex are also very good. This is a key skill to success. Lex always tries to ensure that the communication with their customers is at its highest standard. Even though it is very good I think that they should have more meetings for the customers. I think this because then the customers would feel more involved and would like to come back to Lex as they also know what is going on within the business.

If they have any questions or queries they can also bring it up in these meetings. This is a good way of communicating with their customers. Getting more customers to give idea can also improve Lex as a business itself, by doing this Lex can attain higher amount of profit and make their sales increase too. Lex can improve their customer service is by giving regular updates on any new products using posters, leaflets and fliers. This ensures that the customers have the right knowledge of the new services available and if ever needed they could straight back to Lex Transfleet.

This is effective for Lex because they do not need to compete with any other company, as they already have customers coming to them and this would also help to increase their revenue. I think that Lex should improve their customer service by issuing the employees with regular health and safety check ups and also health and safety training. This will ensure that they are always aware of what is safe and what is unsafe. It meets the needs of a customer because the customer knows that they will receive good help and advice at all times.

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