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Value of Communication Skills in the Workplace

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The value of communication in the workplace is important. Employers should make employees aware of what Is happening within the workplace. Organizing meetings regularly would help to keep a strong flow of communication and a positive attitude toward the company and each other. Enhance Workplace Communication at 24-Hour Operations (2011) is confident that communication can be improved by keeping logs.

Using electronic or paper logs would help to point out unwanted problems and correct them as soon as possible. Technology today has changed our world drastically. According to Tensions (2011) managers who have good communication skills help to create a good working atmosphere. Communication today Is mostly made up of testing, emails, and social media leaving face-to-face communication a thing of the past. Technology regarding personal communication should only be used as a quick fix solution providing face- to-face communication is not available at the current time.

According to Hungry ND Kooky (201 1 ) face-to-face communication and computer-mediated communication differ when group performance Is Involved. The effects of face-to-face communication proves to have a more positive outcome workplace usually does not happen unless a serious problem has occurred and immediate attention is needed. Brown, Owens, and Bradley (2013) felt cancer patients that are able to continue working need to know how to properly address their employer concerning benefits.

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The fact that people should be trained on how to properly communicate is surprising because face-to-face communication allows en to be able to clearly express themselves in an understanding way. Many mistakes have occurred due to the lack of direct communication. Most people especially some older ones have no idea how to communicate using different methods of communication other than face-to-face communication. Making face-to- face communication a priority in the workplace is important and should be used as much as possible. The lack of effective communication in the workplace can sometimes create negative outcomes.

Enhance Workplace Communication at 24- Hour Operations (2011) advised workers can be vulnerable to communication reawaken in the workplace due to fatigue, shift changes, and long breaks built into the schedule. When comparing face-to-face communication to all other forms of communication the outcome is usually all other meaning testing, social media, email, and fax. Using face-to-face communication gives each person the opportunity to ask questions by speaking instead of typing. The majority of the population that use technology methods of communication have no idea of the value of face-to-face communication.

Management should Join forces to make sure all future plans to communicate in the oracle is done by direct contact instead of technology based contact. Timing (2011) suggest that promoting good communication in a clinical setting will ensure competence in a range of skills. Mangers should ensure staff members are skilled and effective communicators. Many forms of communicating in the workplace should be readily available to each employee. With the way communication has changed managers can deliver important information to employees without speaking to them directly.

Managers are the first point of contact for the employee but, some managers are not always available to communicate erectly with their teams. So, in this case indirect communication is acceptable as long as it is easily understood. According to Wallace, Durance, Helmut, and Marcia (2012) communication in the workplace is important in all kinds of industries. Communication is a critical part of our world so everyone must be able to communicate in some way in order to keep things moving in the right direction. Without some form of communication everyone would have to guess which way is right and which way is wrong.

Unfortunately in some cases the flow of communication is lacking in many ways and because of it errors and sometimes tragedies can occur. Wallace et al. (2012) presented different forms of communication starting with Relationship and Interpersonal Communication. This form of communication skills deals with individuals initiating, maintaining, or disengaging from two types of work- related relationships: inter- organizational collegial friendships and internships as well as all other outside sources affiliated with the workplace.

Wallace et al. (2012) also introduced another form of communication called online participation. Mediated communication, represents the willingness and the ability to participate in online training. Using social networking is a form of communication that is questionable at times due to privacy issues involved. A company has to make sure they are equipped with strong security measures for any online activity due to company interaction. Intercrop communication is a form of communication introduced by Wallace et al. 2012) that focus on communication within and across groups and how it affects social relations among members of each group. One important part of this group focused on concerns of older more experienced workers being managed by young least experienced workers. This form of communication is good for employees because the young managers being mentored by the older workers will keep a good flow of communication within the workplace. Because of the efforts presented by older employees training should have a positive effect due to their knowledge.

Speaking and listening as explained by Wallace et al. (2012) is a good example. Listening is important and so is speaking because the listener have to be able to clearly understand the speaker. The speaker should make sure he/she is speaking clearly and at a tone where the listener is not offended, threatened, or afraid to spoon or ask questions if needed. Management should work hard to make sure a positive attitude is displayed at all times while Interacting with employers. Although body language does not make any noise it still is a part of communication.

Employees will sometimes feed off of whatever energy they get from the employer. Bad communication could have a negative impact for production and cause negative attitudes within the workplace. Good communication between employers and employees will have a positive impact in the workplace. The outcome of the study done by Wallace et al. (2012), describes speaking and existing as being the least effective. Companies affiliated with the sale of products would benefit more by having their potential customers use the internet for display and colorful presentations.

While this way of communication may work for some it may not work for all. The computer and the internet are not the best ways to communicate for everyone. Some young and old would rather not deal with the process of getting on the internet and looking for information. Other forms of communication which are looked upon as non-verbal communication are not mentioned nearly as much as other forms of communication when the subject of immunization is presented. Eyes, hands, facial, and body language, these forms of communication are among the oldest ways of communicating and are still effective.

If a person is speaking with another person and one of them rolls their eyes, or throw their hands this form of communication is looked upon as being dissatisfied, rude, or unhappy with what is being said or done at the current time. A smile, smirk, grin, or a face without a smile all says something is either pleasant or unpleasant. Although these forms of communication are not talked about they are still being used. Smiley faces etc. Re available to attach to text or email to express what mood a person is in at the particular moment.

Sometimes if we stop, look, and listen closely, we could possibly stop a tragedy before it occurs because non-verbal communication can be as effective as any other form of communication. Timing employees. So using good communication provides employees informal support and leadership. Managers have to be able to solve conflicts and settle disagreements without taking sides. Because of this the method of communication used by a manager could possibly make a difference in the outcome.

Managers who have excellent communication skills create good working atmospheres that ultimately improve confidence, motivation, and morale in the workplace. When managers communicate with employees they are expected to demonstrate a high level of professionalism. Because managers are looked upon as role models to their employees they have to be able to effectively deal with many situations calmly. A plus for providing good communication skills in the workplace would be for all companies to have company meetings regularly.

Managers are usually scheduled for tenting or other work related activities making them less available to answer questions or provide help or advice to employees. A plan to appoint a person or persons to become team leaders or assistants would also be a plus for providing good communication in the workplace. According to Ghana and Venerates (2013) the IS research contributed to the understanding of technology and communication in the workplace shows how it could affect Job performance. The outcome regarding the use of online and offline networks shows offline networks were a better option for having good and effective bob performance.

So, when looking into additional help with management duties the chosen one should be well trained and knowledgeable about the department. This person should have immediate access to the department manager if needed. By providing the extra person to assist in the department the communication flow will still continue. The majority of the population that use technology methods of communication have no idea of the importance of face-to-face communication. The convenience of using technology communication has wiped out any chance of ever getting back the best way to communicate.

Some companies provide technology communication to upper management making sure they are able to communicate with them as needed but, since technology tend to fail at times this may not be the best way to go. Since the internet will go down at times making testing, emails, or social media unavailable face-to-face communication is still the best way to go. If all else fail a designated office filled with kiosk for employees would be a good idea for communicating by way of face time this would allow for face-to-face communication and one on one time with management if needed.

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