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Reflection Essay on Communication Skills

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Teaching is generally considered as only fifty percent knowledge and fifty percent interpersonal or communication skills. For a teacher, it is not just important to give a quality lecture but it is more important for the presentation of a lesson or lecture in class. Communication skills for teachers are thus as important as their in-depth knowledge of the particular subject, which they teach. Teachers should be aware of the importance of communication skills in teaching. They must also realize that all students have different levels of strengths and weaknesses.

It is only through communication skills that a teacher can introduce creative and effective solutions to the problems of the students. Thus, a teacher can enhance the learning process. Following are some of the communication skills that a teacher must possess so that they interact properly with the students - Positive Motivation This is one of the important things that a teacher must possess. In a class, students always have different kinds of taste and preferences over subjects.

So it is the job of the teacher to create enthusiasm and interest in the minds of the students towards a subject. It is also a teacher’s role to remove any fear and inhibitions that a student may have towards a subject. Effective Body Language This is the most powerful communication skill that a teacher must possess. Good presentation skills include a powerful body language supported by verbal skills. This can create a long lasting impression in the minds of the students. Thus, a teachers lectures will inevitably become more interactive and interesting for the students.

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Reflection Essay on Communication Skills

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Besides, a teacher should maintain the volume, tone and rhythm of their voice during a lecture. Sense of Humor The importance of this factor has been regularly underestimated. A good sense of humor keeps the students active and interested in the teachers class. A teacher who is dour and lacks humor doesnt contribute to the overall well being of the students. Understanding the Students Teachers should encourage students to communicate openly. There should be emphasis on cultivating a dialogue rather than a monologue.

So while solving any kind of problems in the classroom, it is always wise to hear the opinions of the students also. Team Formation This is a good method where you can divide the classroom into small teams and ask them to solve different problems or complete assignments. This practice will increase not only the interaction among the students but also among the teacher and students. Technical Skills It is also important that teachers should be up to date with all the latest teaching aids like computers, video conferencing and especially the use of internet.

This will also help the students to keep up their interest in the learning process. Students are the future of every nation. That is why the role of teachers is so important to the society. It is through a teacher that generations of youngsters are deeply influenced. Overall improvement in a student can be expected when communication skills for teachers is given due importance. Thus, it is important that communication skills become an important ingredient of a teachers professional competency.

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