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Last Updated: 04 Jul 2021
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Dice, accessed on the internet at dice. com, presents itself as “The Career Hub for Tech Insiders”. The URL of the site indicates that the Dice, Inc. , is a business or industrial website and is owned by the company itself. The company, operating as Dice is owned by Dice Holdings, Inc. , based in Iowa and has been in operation since 1990. The site is the primary employment search and database of Dice Holdings which has other interests in the information technology industry manpower services (Dice Holdings, Inc., 2008). The site is developed and maintained as Dice, as part of its function and operations as a job search, recruitment and database service provider. The credentials of the company include its experience in the industry and is reinforced by testimonies of employers and prospective employees. Furthermore, the dice. com provides links to its parent company which has also had a significant history and reputation in the information technology manpower industry as well as providing access to information for investors, clients, and external stakeholders. The site has had reliability in matching job seekers with employment postings however there are limitations on the states for job postings.

Aside from the standard assurance that effort has been made to ensure the authenticity of postings and companies advertising on the site, dice. com hosts message and discussion boards to raised concerns regarding the posted jobs and companies. From the threads on the site, complaints have been limited to the companies posting on the site and not the site itself. Moreover, the site has a high recommendation and satisfaction rating and has had no legal action raised against it (Dice Inc., 2008). Overall, the site provides useful information on employment and the health of the information technology manpower industry.

It also indicates sensitivity to professional and industrial issues of its clients or users. Though there are featured companies on the site, there is no bias for other companies and opinions are recognized and addressed. Though there are still limitations on the range of jobs or features the site provides, it is effective and efficient for a wide range of users.

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