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Business Concept

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CRITIQUE THE BUSINESS CONCEPTS, AND MAKE SUGGESTION IMPROVEMENT 1. The Company Goal Are To Provide A High Quality Dry Cleaning Service That Is Both Reliable And Convenient. Cities targeted are those surrounded by the suburbs where people commute via mass transit. With the ease in which customers will drop-off and pick-up dry cleaning they will be placed at the site where passengers meet their train or bus into the city (i. . , park-and-ride locations and commuter train station). Due to only a few locations can be rented, for other locations that may not have existing facilities and pick-up and drop-off booths will be built to facilitate this service. Improvements must be made ?? in the amount of room in the station building or just need to be wide to accommodate racks for hanging dry cleaning are completion. 2. Hub-And-Spoke System. 3.

Most of The Hiring Will Be Targeted To Area College Student. In terms of quality time, college students are the best candidates to be employees, this is because college students have different schedules and classes are sometimes held at noon, 10:00 to 3:00. Thus, the service offers same day service can be implemented. But disadvantages if college students are targets for recruitment, they can only work for 3 hours.

To improve the business concept, the supply will get overtime pay and the provision of additional accommodation for the students who want to work overtime. 4. The First Shift Of Drop-Off Station Workers Will Begin At 6. 00 Am And Finish 9. 00 Pm. In the beginning, two shifts of workers will be needed to facilitate the transit station. Only a van driver at any time will be given. In expand their business, additional vans are available and additional drivers will be hired to launch a business.

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Business Concept

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