The Burke-Litwin Causal Model of Organizational Performance and Change

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The B-L Model is the much-upgraded model of organizational diagnosis that was spurned in 1990. The method of this model is characterized as a strategy that defines 12 theoretical constructs; evaluates the organization’s climate and culture; defines distinctions between transformational and transactional dynamics of an organization; that defines the extent of the influence of the variables within the organization.

Therefore, between the contributing factors that go into the performance of the business from external and internal factors, either balancing or reinforcing feedback loops transpire that contribute to the effective and efficient performance of an organization. The Organizational Dynamics of A. T. &T. Fortune 500 of 2009 has recorded the 8th position of AT&T amongst all other global companies in the business year ending 2008. This is because of its US$124 billion revenue and US$12 billion profit.

(Fortune 500 of 2009) At the opening of trading in the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, 15 June 2008, the ATT stocks started to trade at US$24. 43 per share. This is not too far behind the average value of US$25 per share performance of the company in the past one year of trading to date. (Yahoo Finance, 2009) AT&T has been in business for over 100 years. It provides every telecommunication service from telephones; multimedia services; internet; entertainment solutions. It customer base worldwide is 77 million subscribers, users, and patrons.

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The Inputs in Relation to the Outputs The customer is first and foremost the basis of AT&T’s strategy and purpose. They want to consistently deliver valuable and satisfactory experiences to their customers. AT&T said: “our goal is to treat all of our customers as THEY ARE OUR ONLY CUSTOMER”. This is achieved by inventing and innovating efficient networking of each and every human being in this planet. AT&T spearheads advances in invention and innovations. Customer care is a service they render not only through products but personalized service.

The Balancing Loop AT&T maintains, operates and sustains very top-of-the-line and advance research and development facilities equipped with every modernized technology. This is the balancing loop that contributes to its success. Their product development strategies are always based on what feedback they get from customers' usages and every changing affinity to advancement in technology. Therefore AT&T ensures initiatives in product inventions and innovations. It is therefore a known fact that the patents of AT&T have received a Nobel Prize. The Reinforcing Loop

What reinforce the position of AT&T are the six strategic focus areas of its operational strategy. The company is committed to the consistent betterment of community and social lives. It heavily invests in its people through training and re-training. As said, through its 77 million customers and a teamwork the company has put in place with its 300,000 employees in the whole wide world, the efficiency of the organization is reinforced through the investments of giving back to people what they need with regards to satisfaction and fulfillment.

Short and Long Term Effects The feedback loops reckoned by AT&T stands by their short term ability to safeguard credibility in the market place. Customers feel confident that this is a company that can truly anticipate and fulfill their needs. On a long range basis, AT&T precisely is highly admired, highly acknowledged and highly respected as a company and as a business and more so as a holistic organization. It maintains prestigious places of recognition and accolades. Opportunities for Learning

Studying AT&T through its recorded performances; through the various reports of business and financial analysts and even random and/or general patronage of the company – provide full proof confirmation that the company is on the right track. As a learner to get to know how, starting with its corporate governance principles, disciplines and safeguards astute interrelationship behavior amongst its entire employ and together how the company ensures that the work climate is conducive – inspiration sets in. AT&T and its organizational efficiency gives hope that corporations are responsible social entities indeed.

It is further reassuring that employment can become truly inspiring and encouraging when AT&T ensures career growth track and path. As the company makes skills and job responsibilities congruent, efficiency is thereby achieved.


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