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Rick Hansen in Grania Litwin’s Perpetual Motion

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Defeating fear in our minds is the biggest challenge. In Perpetual Motion, written by Crania Litton, Rick Hansen defeats the biggest challenge in both his body and his heart, and teaches people to find and achieve their life goals. His courage, perseverance and generosity mark him as one of the most venerable role model in human history. With a firm ambition and consistent strive, Hansen conquers a hardship which almost destructed his heart before. His courage and confidence brings positive influences to those who suffer from predicament and illuminates people to overcome difficulty bravely.

When trapped in endless pain and despair, he did not give up himself; instead, he chose to "focus on something [he] could do, set goals. "(paragraph 1 7) Trampling down affliction by turning to improve himself is a great victory. This action inspires people to face challenge and surmount it by themselves. Hansen encourages people by both using his impressive experience and giving powerful words. He proves to the world that he is never defeated by physical disability: "He pushed his chair 40,000 kilometers around the globe, wrought 34 countries, up mountain ranges, through freezing blizzards and along the Great Wall. (paragraph 2) Also, he tells people to be brave in stepping towards their ambition and never think about failure because 'the only thing that stops people reaching for their dream is fear of failure. "(paragraph 23) His success not only rehabilitates himself but also emanates hope to people who hesitate to take their first step towards their goal. Never stopping going forward, Hansen does not satisfy in making only himself successful. He aims to help more people who ever encounter same problems.

Hansen founded Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation, whose "consciousness-raising efforts helped raise funding of $158 million. "(paragraph 9) His role model is as significant as the money he has granted to better "specialized treatment centers, new imaging technology, exceptional neural and spinal surgeons. "(paragraph 8) Hansen persists to change the world with his endeavor and inspire people to live a better life. Even though in wheelchair, Rick Hansen still lives a much more fantastic life than most people. Never being defeated by fear and pursuing ambition no

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Rick Hansen in Grania Litwin’s Perpetual Motion essay

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