Merits and Demerits of Tylers Model and Skilbeck Model

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Curriculum development has been looked at In two ways. These are apocryphalness' and 'product'. As the terms Imply 'process' Is concerned with the methods means 'how whereas the 'product' looks at the outcomes, the end product&dhat'. There are two approaches that have been developed: normative nondestructive. The first approaches are called normative - Objectives (Tyler 1949) and the rational(Tab 1962 and Wheeler 1967) because they provide a sequence of steps. Teaches technical interests of control.

The procedural approach (Statehouse 1975, Walker 1972, Skillets 1976, Olivia 1976) which is discussed later in the lecture falsetto the second category of descriptive approaches because it an interactive model.

Differentiation between Process and Model:

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Process: Some synonyms include. Procedure, development, method, progression, practice, course of action. A process is very simply the steps from the beginning of something Its end. We have said that Curriculum Development is a process because It has begun and It Is continuously changing or being developed.

Some synonyms: representation or reproduction.

Len education when we talk about models we are talking about a diagrammatic representation of something. (See Figure 5. 2 A simple Model of CurriculumDevelopment - course book). Len the curriculum development process, the term model is used to represent the different elements or stages and how they relate to one another. Models are usually abstract pr conceptual. This means that they exist In policemen's. They are very useful in the task of theory building. (Sahara: 2003: 5. 6) A continuum of Curriculum Development Models.

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on Merits and Demerits of Tylers Model and Skilbeck Model

What are the advantages of Tylers model?
The advantages of Tyler's model are that it provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the educational process, including the roles of the teacher, student, and curriculum. It also provides a clear structure for designing and evaluating educational programs, and it can be used to identify areas of improvement in the educational process. Finally, it can be used to develop a shared understanding of the educational process among teachers, students, and administrators.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of Tyler's model?
The strengths of Tyler's model are that it provides a clear and concise framework for understanding the social system and how it works. It also provides a useful way to analyze the different components of a social system and how they interact. The weaknesses of Tyler's model are that it does not account for the complexity of social systems, and it does not provide a way to measure the effectiveness of the system. Additionally, it does not account for the influence of external factors, such as culture, on the social system.
What are the limitations of Tylers model?
Tyler's model has some limitations, such as its focus on the legal system as the primary source of social control and its lack of attention to informal social control mechanisms. Additionally, the model does not account for the role of power dynamics in the decision-making process, which can lead to unequal outcomes.
What are the criticisms of Tyler model?
The main criticisms of the Tyler model are that it is too rigid and does not allow for individual differences in learning styles or abilities. Additionally, it does not take into account the changing nature of educational goals and objectives, and it does not provide enough guidance for teachers to effectively assess student learning.

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