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The Views of Eva Diaz of Albers Pedagogues on Ethics of Perception

I agree with Eva Diaz’s views of Albers pedagogies on his ethics of perception through art education as a means of achieving social change. However I think that it is too broad of a statement to say that such an approach to art education will …

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An Individuals Control Over Perceptions

Human beings have control over their perceptions because there are no “requirements” as to what we can think of something; the boundaries to life are created by ourselves. We can perceive something as positive, or as negative, but just the fact that we have the …

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A Study on the Speculations and Laws of Perception and Attention

From J. Ridley Stroop to Donald Broadbent numerous scientists, savants, and analysts have endeavored to comprehend human cognizance. Attention comes in numerous structures. For example, visual attention, sound-related attention, rotating attention, and concurrent attention are a unimportant scratch at first glance. There are additionally numerous …

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A Perception of the Meaning of Colors and Its Association with Emotion

“Even though Mitchell does not set off from a predetermined or shared code, her colours carry their own significance for the viewer. As in the illuminated letters of medieval manuscripts, where the decorations both exalt and hide the alphabet, her use of colour seems to …

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Missions and Serra: Changing Perceptions

As with any piece of history, we should recognize our faults and successes equally but the matter of the issue is whether we celebrate them or not. The canonization of Father Junipero Serra has been the cause of controversy as Serra was the founder of …

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A Shift in Perceptions of Gender and Social Mobility

If you grew up and currently live in the United States, you are familiar with the American narrative of success. As a college audience, you are well aware of the economic purpose of being a student and the aspirations of social mobility we share. We …

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The Fluctuation of Human Perception of the Physically and Mentally Disabled

Human perception of the mentally and physically disabled have fluctuated over time. The earliest recollection of disabilities dates back to the Egyptian Papyrus Thebes in 1552 B.C (Harbour). People thought these impairments meant that they were closer to the gods. Blind people were thought to …

HealthPerceptionSocial Issues
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A Study of The Cultivation Theory in Relation to the Negative Perception of Islam in Society

For as long as media has been a popularized forum for individuals to gain understandings and perceptions of the world, it has misused its power. Media, often times distorts the reality of things, to define their ideas and personal interests. This is done, so individuals …

BeliefPerceptionSocial Issues
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The Different Perceptions of Death in Early History

It must be noted that the existence of burial rites indicates a distinction between a death anxiety and a fear of death, in which the former is a form of prediction while the latter is a reaction to a stimulus. The prediction that a module …

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The Self-Perception and Personality of Children Based on Eders Experiment

Personality is what makes us who we are. It determines the kind of friends we make, how we will react to certain situations, our interests, and so much more. It is what separates the awkward, shy nerd from the crude, fearless jock. It is what …

PerceptionPersonalitySocial Issues
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The Unconventional Symphony: Temple Grandin’s Journey of Empathy and Innovation

In the vast landscape of cinematic storytelling, a mesmerizing narrative emerges, captivating audiences and shining a spotlight on a remarkable individual. The film masterfully portrays the struggles and triumphs of a singular mind navigating a neurotypical world. It is a story that unfolds with sensitivity, …

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