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Causal Analysis

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ENG 1510 Causal Analysis Essay Causal analysis is vital to our understanding of the world. When we ask why an event or action has occurred, such as the increase in teen pregnancy, we are examining cause. When we ask results from an event, such as the social and economic impact of teenage pregnancy, we consider effects. The study of causes and effects, or both causes and effects is causal analysis. For your final essay, conduct a causal analysis of Food Inc. Begin with the questions: What are the causes and effects of the current modes of food production and consumption?

How are workers affected? Consumers? Think of the cause and effect relationships of between the sources of our food and health, economics, and politics. As you put your paragraphs together, try to develop causal chains (think of the Direct TV ad with Phil Shifley): Cause: Demand for beef is constantly increasing> Effect: “McDonaldization” of meat industry (meat becomes mass produced very cheaply)>Cause: Quality of meat decreases due to unsanitary and unethical conditions> Effect: Illness and job loss and so on. Keep the following in mind as you brainstorm: Fast food to all: What are some causes and effects of “McDonaldizing” the meat industry? • A Cornucopia of Choices: What are the causes and effects of consumer illusion of choice? • Unintended Consequences: Why is our food becoming more unsafe as we advance technologically? What are some consequences of tainted foods? • Dollar Menu: What are the causes and effects of eating cheaply produced foods? • Hidden Costs of food production; gas prices increase lead to food price increase Your essay should be a minimum of 5 pages and written in MLA format (double spaced, Times New Roman).

In addition, your essay should analyze causes and effects of the issues you raise. You may include personal experiences as part of your analysis, but you should discuss the ideas in the film as well. |Introduction – Engage interest by introducing topic; could be a general discussion of the proliferation of technology in our society; Present | |thesis that indicates you will be analyzing cause and effect | |Body paragraph – Will state first causal relationship (i. . cyber bullying leads to low self-image and other possible consequences; May | |produce causal chains; may identify underlying causes or effects | |Additional body paragraphs – Discuss remaining causes and effects; May reproduce additional causal chains | |Conclusion – May draw a conclusion from the cause and effect relationship (i. . Growing up online can have adverse outcomes when not paired | |with additional forms of socialization) | Your essay should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Schedule: 11/13 – Film and Brainstorm Discussion 11/20 – Peer review of first rough draft 11/27 – Conference with Instructor 12/11 – Final Draft due

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Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Causal Analysis

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