The Art and Science of Leadership

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Leadership is basically the process of social influence in which one particular person is able to help and support the others in order to accomplish a common task. It is also about creating something that could help out the people achieve something that is extraordinary. There are a lot of leadership theories proposed by many theorists. It is very important to balance work and the non-work aspect of ones life to attain success in leadership. This basically how a person controls the influence of stress at work with his non-work life and vice versa.

Being just efficient and effective at work is not the only motive of life but side by side an individual must also take care of the non-work aspects of life such as taking care of the needs of the family, peers, etc. An individual can balance his life by taking care of the factors mentioned below. • Managing the time properly • Personal resiliency to overcome stress • Tolerating stress. (Beehr & Bowling, 2005). The following are some of the leaders in different industries with different careers and their success have been analyzed. 1. Judy Orlando is a General Manager at the Omni Hotels Westside.

He takes care of his responsibilities in a very well manner and ensures to take prompt decisions at his best. Other than that, he manages his tasks well and is mostly able to meet deadlines for tasks that are assigned to him. As he has the motivation of being promoted and to get higher incentives, he works harder and no other person could serve his post better than him. 2. Tony Vallone is the owner of Tony’s Restaurant and this is the main fact that makes him work very hard. The foremost interest of any businessman is to attain the highest profits but Tony ensures that he takes care of his customers well.

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He makes sure that his employees provide the best customer services to the customers of the restaurant and this is the main factor other than the good taste of the food served at his restaurant that attracts customers. 3. Bud Shaw is the Vice President Administration of the Backyard Burgers. He has a good post and he has only reached at this place because of his hard work and dedication. He serves very well for his post and is focused with his work and this is the factor due to which he is quite successful in it. 4. Rudy M.

Miick is the founder as well as the President of Miick & Associates Restaurant Designers, Consultants. Rudy is a very ambitious person and has diversified his career. Comparison of their success experience Out of these four people, I believe that Tony Vallone is the most successful person because the restaurant that he runs is his own restaurant and so he is the boss that gives him the freedom to anything he wishes to. The motivating factor here is that he himself is the owner and this makes him put his best at work sue to which he has been the most successful out of these four persons mentioned above.

(Palmisano, 2008). On the contrary, I would rank Rudy M. Miick as the least sucessful person. This is because Rudy has diversifies his career a lot instead of concentrating on one particular field and giving his best to it. This has restrained him to be much successful. (Institute, 2008). Common attributes of successful leaders As mentioned above, the factors that can help a person to balance his work and non-work life, this is one of the most important factors that help a person to become a successful leader. Every person has to encounter stress.

However, not everyone knows how to tackle stress properly and they may take wrong decisions or wrong steps that might be harmful to them in future. It is one of the qualities of a successful leader that they keep both situations apart from each other and tackle them in a calm way and this helps them to take the best decisions possible. Other than this, they manage their time properly. How to develop these attributes The first and the foremost thing to develop these attributes are to take a proper diet, sleep and do exercise.

Next comes the idea of being clear about what you want from your work and your life and learn how to separate the two that can be done by developing flexibility. This would help in increasing both efficiency as well as effectiveness. In order to help ensure a successful career, one must also opt for proper management of time as it is essential to attain success in our life. Other than that, one must learn how to tackle stressful situations and must not link these situations with things at home. Evaluation Every aspect of life has some positive aspects and some negative aspects.

We are the ones who have to evaluate the benefits and negative aspects of different industry sectors and functional areas to decide on a career path. Studying ourselves carefully i. e. our interests and core competencies, we must decide what career to take in our lives than just opting for something as it would later make us regret in life. Therefore, evaluation is a must. How to prepare for interviews There are basically three main types of interviews that are conducted by an employer. 1. Highly structured interviews 2. Non-structured interviews and 3. Moderately structured interviews.

Under the highly structured interview techniques, the interviewer mostly asked questions that he has prepared from before and has already decided that he would be asking a certain set of questions from the interviewee. They usually ask questions to determine the personality of the candidate. They use the behavior description interview, in which they inquire about the candidates’ achievements and any challenges they have faced e. g. ‘Please tell us about a time when you were under great pressure? How did you cope? What was the outcome? ’ The content of the responses to the questions asked is then assessed by the interviewer.

Non-structured interviews as its name suggest are not pre-planned. In these interviews, an interviewer asks a question from the candidate after which depending n the answer of the interviewee, the interviewer asks further questions. A good example of such an interview would be situational interviews in which questions like e. g. ‘A person in your team is disrupting information. How would you handle the situation? ’ are asked. The moderately structured interviews are a combination of both the highly structured interviews as well as the non-structured interviews.

They consists of both kind of questions that the interviewer must have prepared from before and may even ask any questions on the spot of the interview that have not been planned before. apply the search process and question development used in this course to help prepare for interviews with prospective employers. Other than this, the performance of an individual is evaluated by performance tests that comprises of case studies, group discussion and Business Scenario Interview/Technical Presentation/Technical Interview, etc. therefore, the candidate must prepare himself for all these before appearing for an interview.


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