The art and science of leadership Research Paper

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This resource has a great amount of information that deals with leadership. This information is further spread into individual subtopics that are easy to down load. The website is quite fast and down loads easily. It also contains very recent updates of the leadership information. Touching on the content, the site starts by listing the concepts of leadership then shows the relationship of leadership and human behavior. It then moves to important aspects of leadership like motivation, character, time management and change. This is a recommended site because of the ease of using it.

Title: The Fundamental Concepts of Sociology

This is a sociological site and it begins with an explanation on the meaning of sociology. The content further spreads to include various modes of orientation of sociological action after which the author explains the various methodological foundations of sociology. Just before the end, the site puts more emphasis on concepts of social relationship and winds this up with various case studies that touch different sociological applications.

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This section contains information on English heritage and those of American research center in Egypt. Further sections of this site illustrate various civilizations in China, India and Nanking. The authors then put together various pieces of information form all over the world. The selection is on museums, empires and art sites.

Title: Hyper-history

This is also a historical site that is organized into various sections that can be accessed by all kinds of researchers on specific aspects of history. This site is organized into various groups of people who made history in their time.

Historical divides like science, culture, religion, politics and economy are also tackled differently in this site.

Parts 2. Title: The essential creative resource, communication arts This site is a collection of many ideas and information that is put together from different writers. The information is spread and divided into various sections, each with its own department. The site is divided into latest exhibits, latest web picks, latest fresh and finally latest web picks. Each of these sections has a concentration of ideas in there fields.

It is also important to note that the materials that are posted in the web are authored by different people all who are experts in their fields. The sites have information that is very current and updated. This is very important for any good site because the world is changing and new ideas must be posted every time so tat the readers can get the best and latest data.


The cover page of this book contains a picture of a lady who is dressed in sleeveless clothing. This image is communicating trends in the society. The authors must have had an intension of revealing the sexy aspect of this cloth and the design company. Read about a ll the wrong moves

It is true that the society today really cherishes such type of clothing which reveals much of our bodies. This is good especially to the youth and also to a particular people who live in some regions. The nudity in the picture is however questionable because it doesn’t go well with some people and as a matter of truth, many will actually reject the products from this company. They should improve on this.


Essential creative resource, communication arts retrieved 6th Feb 2009 from: http://www. commarts. com/web-sites/sebastian-professional. html

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