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Technology and Traditional Skills

Over the last half century, modern technology has developed dramatically world wide and many people have been facinated this trend.On the other hand, it is a significant fact that traditional skills and a way of life have been faded rapidly.this phenomenon has also brought several issues in modern societies.

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In my opinion, the importance of traditional skills and customs shoud be recognized by individuals. This essay will examine three aspects of advantages of preserving the traditional skills and customs.

Fist of all, traditional practices often increase a sense of community and a social cohesion. For instance, national festivals have a significant meaning in terms of clutural and historical education. As people realize the importance of their heritage through the festival, they can improve their patriotism and sympathy with a social bonding.

Secondly, the inheritance of traditional methods and social customs have a profond impact on next generations. For example, folklore, historical stories and songs can be the best way to teach children how to learn a moral and wisdoms to live in societies. These children will be able to interact with other people when they grow up and start working in the community. In addition, these children who learned a moral and wisdoms through the education of traditional skills and knowledge will contribute to next generations.

Furthermore, following conventional skills play a vital role not only to social cohesion but also to preserve environment. Convention skills such as walking towards a distination and using handmade products are all easy on environment because these practices are often harmless the nature due to saving petrol and redusing wastes. Thus these conventional practices enable peolpe to learn how to protect environment.

By comparison, technology has brought unpleasant problems world wide. Peolpe who are addicted to the Internet have a tendency of a lack of communication skills and sympathies with orther people. Hence some sociologists are apprehensive that crimes among young people have been increasing due to the prevalence of the technological development.

In conclusion, people should realize the importance of trafditional customs and skills because these practices have great advantages and it contributes positive influence to people in societies and the future.

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