A Comparison of Online Dating and the Traditional Meet and Greet

Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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Imagine walking down a crowded street in Manhattan during the lunchtime rush hour. Millions of men and women fill the streets. Some are married, divorced, in long or short-term relationships, and some are single. In fact, over half are single. So how does one tell, who is, and who is not? In addition, if they are able to single handedly point them out, do they have the nerve to approach them, and ask them out on a date? Not usually, and even if they did conjure up the nerve, the lunch hour would be over by the time they acted upon it. Millions of single people in today's society face this dilemma because according to the web page sponsored by Media Wiley, "traditional dating has become fundamentally random" (15).

Is there a safe alternative to traditional dating? Many would say, "Yes" that the modern style of online dating or, virtual dating has become a very safe and effective alternative to the traditional dating style; however, millions of people would argue the fact. Is online dating a safe alternative, or should people continue to stick with the traditional way of meeting potential partners in person? Truth is, online dating is a very safe alternative to traditional dating.

Online dating has become one of the fastest growing alternatives to the traditional style of dating; in fact, "The numbers of people reported dating online in North America ranges from 10 to 30 million" (Silverstein 20).

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Many people choose to use online dating to their advantage because of the many wonderful benefits that accompany it, however, many people argue that online dating is very dangerous. This may be true, yet no matter whether two people connect online, or in person, any given situation that involves meeting a stranger could be very dangerous. In fact, everyone needs to be cautious when it comes to meeting new people. Online dating, however, allows people to interact with other people anonymously, which is a lot safer than traditional dating. With online dating, a person never has to reveal their identity, what kind of car they drive, what things they like to do, or what places they frequent the most. Unlike traditional dating, this information does not have to become the topic of discussion.

In addition, unlike traditional dating, online dating allows people to screen millions of available candidates, who meet their search criteria. They also allow a person to chat with the people that meet their criteria, and if later they find that they are not compatible, they can get rid of them with the click of a button, and quickly move on to find a more suitable candidate. Traditional dating does not allow moving on to come so easily.

It takes a lot of time to meet single candidates who meet the criteria that people may be looking for, unless there are thousands of them knocking at their doors. With online dating, the opportunities are endless. Unlike traditional dating, in which a face-to-face rejection can be devastating to a person, hurting their feelings, and destroying their pride, online dating allows you to end a conversation with ease, and without reasoning. With online dating, unless you reveal your identity, the other person has no idea whom they are really talking too. Rejection can and may be felt; however, the chances of ever seeing the other person, or having to give a face-to-face explanation, is slim to none.

Many people argue that online dating is for the desperate, unattractive people, who have very low self-esteem, and are simply uneducated. True, this may be the way to go for people who have very low self-esteem, are shy, or who just do not feel comfortable approaching, or being approached by someone in the public. However, by no means does the choice of online dating make these people any more desperate than the individuals who go out in public to search for a partner. According to the article, "Being in Love Online-A Practical Guide," "dating sites indicate that their members tend to be more highly educated and financially well off than the general public" (11). This may be partly because there are millions of people in the work force that simply do not have time to go out and meet people. Therefore, online dating is beneficial to their lifestyles, and unlike traditional dating, it can be pursued from the comforts of their own home.

Seeking a potential partner, whether it is in person or online, can be potentially dangerous. Therefore, a person should take necessary precautions when it comes to meeting a stranger. However, online dating allows a person the chance to get to know a great deal of data about each prospect (age, height, location, education, religion, and so on) before exchanging the first word. They can gain a sense of knowledge about the way a person thinks, by the writing in their profile. They know that almost every person posted online is available, and looking for some type of companionship. If there is a picture posted, they can tell what the other person looks like beforehand, and if they choose to make initial contact with the person, contact details are provided. They can do all of this for less than what it cost to go out to dinner at a moderately priced restaurant.

True, not everything these people provide in their profiles are legit, but unlike traditional dating. people have the opportunity to make a decision before initiating any form of contact. Is online dating a safe alternative to traditional dating? Well, as proven, meeting a stranger on the other side of technology, is safer than meeting them in person.


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