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Technological progress Critique Essay

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When we hail to the amazing development that mankind has made in science and technology, there is a widespread concern about its negative influence on our life. In my opinion, technology is a double-edged sword, bringing about substantial benefits as well as some drawbacks. To begin with, technological innovation tremendously enhanced social productivity. For example, automation is widely used in the assembly ine: which set free millions of people from the arduous and repetitive work in factories.

The massive use of farm machinery and fertilizer has significantly increased the production of grains, providing enough food for a growing population. Also, we enjoy great convenience and efficiency in our daily life and work. The advent of the internet enables people to search on-line information instead of reading newspaper or going to library, and the invention of mobile phones allows people to ontact their friends and clients anytime and anywhere.

However, the negative effects caused by technology are also obvious. Among these people are probably most concerned about its impacts on people's heath and the environment. As we know, radiation given off by electronic devices poses a risk to people's heath and there is no effective way to avoid it. Another controversial issue is the wide use of pesticide and fertilizer with the residual chemicals polluting the soil and underground water.

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Last but not least, internet has become an indispensable part of our life, but the false information and fake identities keep bothering us and causing trouble. All in all, despite the above-mentioned negative effects, I believe that a better future of mankind lies in the further progress of science and technology. If we can pay more attention to environment protection and overall health of human beings in the pursuit of advanced technology, we can make it better serve our people.

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