Opportunities in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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Australia. Besides, Proton's company is aggressively marketing its cars I several other countries including the Middle East. The company has also been exporting a small volume of cars to other countries like Singapore, Brunet, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Taiwan. For example, Wall and Gene 2 exported to Bangladesh starting 1986. WEAKNESSES Less Product Quality Poor product performance and functionality is something that cannot be allowed to happen and quality always needs to be monitored and assured to the customer.

For example, failure in power window, doors and alarm systems. Because of that, it affecting the financial result of the company when it sales decrease tremendously and continuously losing market share and subsequently the profit margin will decrease too. Lack of experience Lack of experience, apparently due to short experience in car making certainly could not be an excuse for Proton to come out with low quality products.

Even though, Proton have experience to collaborate with Mediumistic , Proton still cannot use the experience to stand by its own name, this shows that the experience they get is still not enough. OPPORTUNITIES Demand for hybrid electric vehicle increase The proton management strongly believed that the Lotus acquisition was a positive enabler to promote and enhance Proton's internal technical capabilities. Proton and Lotus subsequently engaged in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles as well as more efficient engine.

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Emerging markets and expansion abroad There are always demands for cars in any segment outside there, except during economic crisis. Hence there are opportunities for Proton to be a global player. For citizen that have lower level of income, they still tend to choose Proton because of their price. Moreover, Proton is one of the company that offer lower prices compare to other imported car. SOOT Proton By minimize Competitor such as Periods and Honda Periods come out with new model which low cost, low fund consumption and spacious compartments.

Other than that, upon implementation of AFT in force, the SEAN countries including Malaysia only allowed to impose a tax not exceeding 5% of he goods imported that will give disadvantage to Proton, when Honda enter to Malaysia market. Thus, customer will choose Honda instead of Proton as their perception on their quality much better than Proton. Competitors aggressively managing cost reduction & future innovation on hybrid technology. As example, Honda Malaysia announces that they want to reduce price to replace hybrid battery until 52%. Duration of warranty also increase until 8 years without limited Journey for all hybrid.

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