Can Hybrid Cars Reduce the Dependency on Fossil Fuels

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Can Hybrid Cars Reduce The Dependency On Fossil Fuels? I am going to talk about hybrid cars and can they reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. The hybrid cars manufactures that I’m going to use is Toyota, Honda Can hybrid cars reduce the dependency on fossil fuels? Hybrid cars can reduce the dependency of fossil fuels because it would stand between the consuming world and its gas guzzling cars by replacing them with fuel efficient hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars have lower level of gasoline consumption, therefore environmentally friendly causing less pollution then gasoline- powered cars. They beat electric cars by a long run which gives about 50 - 100 miles in-between   battery charges that require many hours to fully charge up. Even then electric cars made it possible to have development towards hybrid cars. Toyota Prius was the first passenger car with hybrid technology which was brought forth in Japan in 1997. Toyota and Honda introduced hybrid cars to the American markets in the beginning of 1999.

Hybrid car are a combination of gasoline and electric powered car. Hybrid cars consist of a internal combustion engine that is small and fuel efficient. The hybrid cars internal combustion engine is assisted by the electric motor when the car is accelerating. The electric motor is generated by rechargeable batteries that automatically recharges when the car is being driven. The Toyota and Honda hybrids work and operate in a similar manner. The engine for gasoline   is smaller then the regular conventional cars.

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Essentially Toyota and Honda hybrids fellow the same concepts as most hybrids, It receives backup energy from the electric motor gets energy that the motor needs to help the engine when accelerating there for not consuming a large quantity of gasoline. However the Toyota and Honda hybrids also have a different source of generating energy. When the driver hits his or her breaks the kinetic energy created by the heat and friction of the break is claimed by the electric motor and stored in the batteries. Then it comes to transmissions most hybrids and conventional cars are alike.

However the Prius has an additional generator and a circle gear complex to make a controlled, yet continues variable transmission, taking away the need for any conventional manual or automatic transmission which use up unnecessary amount of energy that go to waste. The early hybrid gave about fifty to sixty miles per gallon. The exhaust pollution was almost eliminated and also the acceleration of the hybrids were far bettered then the non-hybrid cars. By 2008 almost all car manufactures offered hybrid model cars along with a few sports hybrid cars.

Many of the sports hybrid cars however did not give as much mileage and more expensive then the conventional cars. The federal government offers a good amount of tax credits to purchaser of hybrid cars. The key to the future of hybrid–car development lies in battery technology. The early hybrids resembled the old conventional electrical system that ran with lead-acid batteries. These lead-acid batteries were bulky and carried a heavy weight and were a major factor in holding back the development of hybrid and electric cars.

Most of the current hybrids contain nickel metal hydride batteries, which are smaller, lighter, and more powerful. However the cost is a big factor in this development. Nonetheless most car manufacturers are focusing on lithium-ion batteries. The way to using lithium-ion batteries on hybrid cars has opened up promise the development to a generation of new hybrid vehicles. This development of lithium-ion batteries on hybrid cars allows the capability of the cars to be plug in hybrids. The car will have extended distance without the help of their gasoline engine.

This development has made hybrid cars more affordable. In the big picture if our country in whole used more hybrid cars in our day to day life it would be just that much less gasoline we would not me using. If there if do get a hybrid car in the long run you a creating a clean friendly environment and saving less trips to the gas pumps, which mean more money in your pockets. Who doesn’t want that with all the rising high gas prices and our economic condition? We need to put more hybrid cars on the road so we are use less gas and better our economy as a whole.

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