Assessing the Functionality of New York Time Square and the People’s Square Shanghai

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In this essay, the urban layout, relationship with the street, triangulation, personal individuality and imposter infinites are discussed with a position to better understand the urban context of the New York Time Square and the People’s Square Shanghai ( Renmin place ) . With the adjutant of Google map and sing the Renmin place, the recordings could be examined with much truth in order to better understand the operation of the two celebrated squares.


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Frequently nicknamed The Crossroads of the World, Time Square is one of the busiest squares in the universe holding more than a one-fourth million people go throughing at that place daily ( Time Square Alliance,2014 ) . Hosting around 40 million tourers yearly ( Time Square Alliance, 2014 ) , Time Square, was one time, in the late 1890s, badly dominated by illicit activities. However, due to the colony of several celebrated companies like the New York Times ( A position on metropoliss, 2014 ) , the country witnessed a important turning over where the metropolis was restructured and while the development continued, communicating with European states established, taking to an exponential hiking in the quality of its urban status.

Located in one of the most populated urban territories around the Earth, People’s Square ( Renmin Plaza ) is among Shanghai largest public infinite ( Moore, 2012 ) consisting chiefly of a metro station, municipal council edifices and a karyon like green construction on the boundaries. Once a Equus caballus racing land, the country was converted to a park when the Communist Party was founded in the mid-20Thursdaycentury ( Leo, 1999 ) . Due to its centered location, the square acquired overriding importance for the local administrative authorities where much of the public assemblage every bit good as shows would be launched in this peculiar country. Nowadays, the park hosts several monumental edifices like the Shanghai museum, Shanghai theater every bit good as the celebrated H2O games pool merely to advert a few.

Urban Layout

New York City adopted a tabula rasa reform to bring forth an extraneous grid form to its layout. Blocks are arranged one after each other which resulted in the formation of both streets and a stiff construction. Extraneous metropolis layout has been adopted since really long clip ago in many portion of the universe. It has of all time since arose tonss of controvertible issues like it looks dull and is non suited for human due to the fact that the appropriate integrating of micro administrations are non promoted good. However, despite designed from a top-down position, the infinites within the extraneous agreement, at a micro-scale degree, generated the right chances for activities in this part to go on. Within the hyper local edifice typologies on site, a assortment of little scale events could be shaped, therefore ensuing in both the zone’s diverseness every bit good as guaranting the long term development of its economic wellness. This organized manner of be aftering lead to the rational growing of the construction where old and new blocks could unify or interact with each other, ensuing in the catalytic connectivity of the site. Furthermore, the relationship of the stiff grid and the non-grid construction of the metropolis like the Parkss, the diagonal route cutting through it and the mediate infinites every bit good as attendant 1s formed by the variant forms of edifices amplified well the city’s construction where the circulation of both traffic and walkers was guaranteed.

With one of the largest urban populations ( City Layout, 2014 ) non merely in China but besides in the universe, Shanghai has undergone a dramatic revolutionisation since some decennaries ago. Consisting about 16 territories, Shanghai chief country is the Huangpu District where the Renmin place lies. Unlike other large metropoliss in China, Shanghai has non adopted the extraneous street layout but instead a more organic attack to the design. One of the chief blessing of the organic development is that it somehow fits human activities every bit good as developments of changing sizes can be carried out with much easiness, a factor which is rather hard in stiff grid design. The Renmin Plaza is surrounded by a twosome of chief roads every bit good as nearby to the intersection point of major metro lines ( 1, 2, 8 ) ( Map of People’s Square, 2014 ) . It is rather noticeable that major place are frequently located near Stationss where they carry out an of import function as civic space-people will instead travel for a walk in the place instead than remaining in the Stationss waiting for the theodolite. However, it is deserving nailing out that, even though the strategic location of the place is a cardinal factor of the urban scene, it remains important of how to primly do the infinite a topographic point instead than obliging people to travel through it.

Relationship with the street

Relationship with the street is one of the major factors impacting a place. Bing in itself a transitional infinite and has every bit map to construction infinites, the streets find how public or private a part is. New York Time Square is formed by the intersection of many major streets including the Broadway, the Seventh and the 42neodymiumavenues merely to advert a few. What truly add to the celebrity of Time Square is the fact that the streets and the abutting edifices are closely related to each other and works like one system. Most if non all the construction on the place have as first floor commercial shops with Windowss carved into their facade taking to this abstract minute of commune between the passerby and the edifice. This cardinal facet of the urban scene of the place is nurtured by the streets. The avenues on the site provide the transitional infinite where the contact between persons and built environment occurs.

The extraneous construction of the New York City give rise to a legion figure of corners. Representing a really of import characteristic in both urban design and architecture, corners trigger the necessary drift for activities to go on and develop. The corners gives people the chance to step back from the heavy prosaic flow and get down a conversation with the environment which may include edifices, passerby, and merchandisers amongst others. Those represent the anterooms which are self-structured and can work on its ain which are the major facets behind the plaza’s great celebrity.

The pavement spaces acts as passage infinites. As mentioned before, these infinites operate like accelerators for the communicating of persons with the environing environment. Having a portion of Broadway street turned into a prosaic path, Time Square is seting much accent on this facet as the local governments are under the strong feeling that maximal exposure of the visitants would unusually be good to the plaza’s image. Yet, despite it is a good manner of covering with the state of affairs, no more solutions to better the place has been undertaken. It is really of import to see about the visitants themselves as they are the responsible 1s who renders the images of infinites. In order to control this job, the governments did set some movable chairs on the site with a position to hosting people who wants to hold confabs or rest a small spot. Still, with the huge flow of walkers, sitting in the mid of the way is non a wise determination. Harmonizing to William H. Whyte, people like to sit in an country where they are so portion of the scene go oning on the streets but at least have a little barrier as a separation means ( William H. Whyte, 1980 ) .

In the instance of Renmin Plaza, despite the people’s flow is rather similar to the New York Time Square’s one, the street life at Renmin place seems to be rather dull. There is a boundary separating persons from other persons. Even though the adjoining edifices are in good interactions with the pavements, the corners remains a topographic point where people merely wait to traverse the route. In fact, the cutting off of the streets from the place is one of the chief ground behind the low synergistic degree. Many Chinese streets adopted the ‘Boulevard’ type of paths where trees are aligned on both side of the route which gives the semblance to be in a really nice atmosphere while going, but alternatively, it wholly blots the position on the environing constructions. Peoples tend to travel to topographic points which is on their sightlin e. A really good illustration to back up this statement is the deep-set place of Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University. Designed to be a topographic point where pupils every bit good as members of the staffs would garner, turned out to be an country where the activity degree is amazingly low. All to state that, although the trees help to cut down the heat island consequence on the streets, it needs to be sagely placed with a position to advancing the relationship of the people with the environment instead than cutting them off.


Triangulation is the procedure by which external factors, which may or may non be ab initio portion of the urban scene, generate chance for interactions among persons to happen. Changing from human existences to objects like chairs, triangulors are among the chief facets which can assist the societal life in an urban context. The metropolis construction like edifices, streets, place, and mediate infinites, amongst others are non the lone factors doing up the topographic point but besides the people utilizing every bit good as sing it forms up the topographic point. One of New York’s individuality is the skyscrapers which have cardinal societal effects. Acting like memorials, the towers are existent crowd pullers which frequently leads to the interactions of the visitants as shown in figure 6.

On the other manus is People’s Square which is aesthetically delighting. The triangulors present on the site are the edifices but chiefly the H2O drama at the cardinal place where the toll of people interacting with one another is truly high. As a affair of fact, even though the metropolis consists of many good designed infinites, the function of triangulors can non be underestimated for it helps people connect with each other without intentionally coercing them to so.

Personal Identity

The infinite in which an person dwells in is a important factor which determines cultural patterns which accordingly molds the latter’s personal individuality. For illustration, person life in an urban country will hold a different personal every bit good as spacial individuality compared to person who is from a distant rural country. Spatial individuality is going a really delicate factor presents due to globalisation. Many infinites every bit good as topographic points tend to look similar, go forthing behind the topographic point individuality which removes well the background of the country. A good illustration to back up this fact is Shanghai itself. The rich traditional Chinese civilization is now being eluded by western civilizations. The urban scene of the city’s resemble the 1s in New York. Chinese edifices has a strong individualism which is seldom being seen in large metropoliss presents. Many of the edifices is westernized. The People’s Square excessively has non been an exclusion of the eluded cultural background. Most if non all the infinites in the Renmin Plaza, while sing them, give the semblance to be in a western state. Having the same constellations of the infinites everyplace, might take in the hereafter, humdrum as it will give the feeling of deja vu, therefore severely impacting the urban infinites. However, sing Time Square, skyscrapers have been since a really long clip ago, a portion and package in the life manner of the American society.

Pseudo Spaces

Pseudo infinites are those 1s who are available for the populace but merely for certain types of activities or even people. Nowadays, the bulk of public and civic infinites are administrated by metropolis regulations and regulated by constabulary sections. Time Square, though considered populace, allows merely a certain types of activities or single to have. Consequently, it can be concluded that many people whose activities or has a different life manner might non be able to acquire entree to Time Square. One definition for public infinite is an country which one and all can entree. Accessibility to a public infinite does non merely intend to be physically present but besides to interact with the surrounding. However, how public is Time Square? Controlled by the Time Square Alliance, a group policemen guaranting the proper operation of a part, Time Square can non cover with a different type of activity which does non have on the ‘allowed list’ of the security individuals. It can merely cover with physical handiness of a immense prosaic flow. As a affair of fact, Time Square is non truly a public infinite but instead a pseudo public infinite where merely some types of activities are allowed. As for People’s Square, it follows the same manner of Time Square. Police officers every bit good as security camera are installed in every corner of the streets to guarantee the proper behaviour of the passerby. However, there is a difference between how much public these two places are. Harmonizing to the scopes of activities, handiness every bit good as interaction with the environment, New York Time Square can be considered to be more public. Renmin Plaza closes at a certain clip populating the topographic point dull at some point whereas New York Time Square is unfastened on a 24 hr footing doing it more public as people can non merely acquire entree at that place but besides stay for a longer clip period.


New York Time Square and People’s Square have both similarities and difference in their several urban scenes. Both extraneous and organic metropolis layout has pros and cons. In fact, several external factors like locations, civilization, economic amongst others are the determiner that indicates which layout might outdo suit a certain metropolis. As for the relationship with the streets, place demands to peremptorily hold a good connexion with them. Many factors like, handiness, sightline, corners, mediate infinites, merely to advert a few shows how successful a place can be. Triangulation excessively is a major facet in planing a square as they can associate the users to the environing environment therefore truly heightening their journey in the unfastened infinite. Furthermore, as the universe is turning into a planetary small towns, many infinites tend to look likewise to the hurt of the valuable ways of making every bit good as civilizations. Many parts in China has non developed and inculcated their rich doctrine in their metropolis design, doing the personal individuality of the Chinese society really similar to western 1s. Finally, pseudo public infinites are witnessing an of all time addition in figure since a twosome of decennaries ago. It is true that imposter infinites contribute to the wellbeing of the users and assist to advance the image of a metropolis but they may be regarded every bit discriminatory as non merely a certain type of activities are allowed but besides many people might be rejected as they can non unify with the surrounding. It is deserving observing that although the constructions on site aid to make infinites, it is the users who make them go topographic points.

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