Swot Analysis of Tree House Lodge Beach Hotel Costa Rica

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Tree House Lodge Beach Hotel in Costa Rica, Puerco Viejo


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  • It is a private reserve, which means people who earn their money from customers are most likely to defend their natural resources. Try to keep the wild places wild. For example, the Free House is built around 6 living trees from salvaged wood and not having any walls.
  • There is a botanic garden around the lodge, where every year the owner grows up more than fifty different palm trees NAS eave the largest Helicon collection in the area.
  • The complex is located on a 10-acre oceanfront property in the famous Punt VA beach.
  • No cars, as a result, the air is fresher and not polluted.
  • Total privacy and natural idyllical atmosphere, nobody can disturb you, because houses are far away from each other, which is directly connected with simplicity. Private beach, walking around a minute from Jungle.
  • There are a lot of different kinds of activities and things to do. For example surfing, swimming, snorkeling and fishing, White Water Rafting, Chital National Park, Gondola -Monomaniacal Wildlife Refuge, and others.
  • Grocery Store is a 5-minute walk from Tree Houses.
  • Four different kinds of houses: The Tree House, The Beach House, The Beach Suite, The Erratum House. The Beach Suite has an incredible bathroom more than 300 feet square. Let makes this place more experienced for tourists of over the world.


  • It is hard to get to the lodge because it takes 30 minutes from the main town of Puerco VieJo.  It will be a healthy way to get there by bike and watching a great tropical landscape. Lack of necessary technology.
  • Living without internet access, TV, and other media.
  • Soot Analysis of Tree House Lodge Beach Hotel Costa Rica By Alexandra Squandered is a non-profit organization that wants to reach a specific goal is to raise a special amount of green iguanas in a natural habitat.
  • A developing market-house via the internet.
  • Good possibilities to attract more customers from different countries not only from near-situated countries -Panama, Nicaragua, and Jamaica but also from North ND South America, especially from the United States.
  • There is a lot of space where is an opportunity to built new houses to increase a company's profit.


  • Natural disasters or weather changing which can destroy extraordinary houses. For instance, cyclones are common yearly existence.
  • There is a danger of iguanas disappearance from the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica by the presence of traditional hunters.
  • Usually, tourists take souvenirs for memory in the same way they are stealing a piece of nature.

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