Swot Analysis of Hotel in Sri Lanka

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The proposal should include the following factors:

  • Introduction of the investor
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  • Concept,
  • Location,
  • Product Development,
  • Financial Plan,
  • Marketing Strategy and
  • Community Benefits.

The proposal will be evaluated and the Director, Planning and Development will request the Project Proponent to attend the Development Committee Meeting. At this meeting the project proposal will be discussed in detail. Subsequently, a site inspection will be conducted to evaluate the suitability of the proposed project. A "In Principle Approval" letter will be issued, following the meeting and site inspection. . Once he project proposal is acceptable, the Project Proponent would have to fill in an application, ensuring all Development Guidelines are met. Development Guidelines [More]The SLATS has specific requirements a Project Proponent would have to meet in order to obtain approval. Details of these criteria are given in the following notifications: The Gazette Notification No. 1070/10, dated 1 lath March 1999 details requirements for hotel projects. The Gazette Notification No. 1096/6, dated 6th September 1999 details guest house project criteria.

The completed application arm should be submitted to the Planning and Development Division of the SLATS. 6. The application will be referred to all related Government Agencies for their clearance. Related Government Conservatively Local Authorities such as Municipal Council, Urban Council and Pradesh Saba * Central Environmental Authority:Director (NORM &M), "Parish Papayas", 104, Denied Kookaburra Mahatma, Butterball Tell. 011-2872419 * Urban Development Authority: Director [Enforcement, 6th 7th Floor, Psychotherapies, Butterball Tell. 011-2872616 * Department of Wildlife Conservationist's General, No. , Surgery's Road, Colombo

The questionnaire issued by the Tourism Planning and Development Division of the SLATS, should also be submitted. Final approval and clearance to commence work would be given once the SLATS ensures Soot Analysis of Hotel in Sir Lankan By shamanism's Government Agencies. Note If the project falls under the Prescribe Project Category as per the National Environmental Act No. 47 of 1980 (Incorporating Amendment Act No. 56 of 1988), the project will have to follow the EIA/IEEE process to obtain environmental clearance. Construction work could commence within a period of six months from the date of ranting the final approval by the SLATS. 0. Construction work will be monitored by the SLAB and quarterly project progress returns will have to be forwarded to the SLATS.  Once construction work is complete, the Project Developer must submit a copy of the Certificate of Conformity issued by the Local Authority to the SLATS and request approval to commence operations.The Trade Standards Division of the SLATS will carry out a quality standards inspection once the tourist establishment is fully furnished. 1The tourist establishment could then by registered with the

Trade Standards Division of the Slashdot Register the establishment, the Project Developer must furnish the following:

  1. Executives Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Staffs medical certificates, particularly staff in the culinary department.
  3. Bacteriological examination of water (water sampling report).
  4. The comprehensive/combined insurance policy, which covers public liability.
  5. Fire fighting equipment adequacy and training certificate.
  6. Trade License issued by the Local Authority.
  7. Environmental Protection License (PL) issued by the Central Environmental Authority or the Local Authority.

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