Essays on Badminton

Essays on Badminton

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The Story about Datuk Lee Chong Wei Malaysian Badminton Player

Badminton is not a sport that everyone can play and master it. To become the best player out of all, you need to sacrifice a lot of things in your life. While everyone is dreaming to become one, this guy is living the dream. The …

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Pages 2
Physiological Characteristics of Badminton Match Play

Badminton is widely known as the fastest racket sport. Specifically, as an intermittent, high intensity sport, badminton players demonstrate acute reaction and movement speed. However, looking at the bigger picture, badminton is more than just speed, so what are some factors that determine one’s performance …

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Why I Love Badminton

While I like to read, play badminton and computer games, my first love is Math. Math is a spark in my intellectual curiosity. My desire to study Actuarial Science encapsulates my interest and love for Math. I learned of the Actuarial profession at a career …

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How to Choose the Best Badminton String

Which Replacement String Suits My Needs? If you are new to the game of Badminton or if you’ve played the game but haven’t yet had the need to shop for replacement string, there are some key considerations and it isn’t as simple as just reaching …

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Faults in Badminton

Chesca Loriel Decena Faults The rules of badminton consider the following as faults: – If the shuttle lands outside the boundaries of the court, passes through or under the net, fail to pass the net, touches the ceiling or side walls, touches the person or …

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Badminton vs. Tennis

Badminton vs. Tennis Sports are considered to be an extremely important part of our lives today, they are essential to our health, entertainment and relaxation. Even though some sports are alike in ways, many people still prefer to choose one over the other. This is …

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Reflection Essay on Lee Chong Wei

Why winning / being no 1 in the world are so important? To be ranked world number one for a long time is a remarkable achievement for a badminton player, especially from Malaysia. This is because the competition in the world of badminton is great …

BadmintonLee Chong WeiMalaysia
Words 272
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Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are "singles" and "doubles".

Olympic: 1992–present

Equipment: Shuttlecock, racquet

First played: 19th century

Team members: Singles or doubles

Highest governing body: Badminton World Federation

World Games: 1981


Invented in India in a version called poona. British army officers learned the game about 1870. In 1873 the duke of Beaufort introduced the sport at his country estate, Badminton, from which the game derives its name.

Brief history

The roots of the sport can be traced to ancient Greece, China, and India, and it is closely related to the old children's game battledore and shuttlecock. Badminton is derived directly from poona, which was played by British army officers stationed in India in the 1860s.


Male badminton players wear sleeved or sleeveless polyester shirts, polyester shorts, thick socks, and badminton shoes. Female badminton players wear sleeved or sleeveless polyester shirts, polyester skirts, polyester shorts, or polyester skorts, thick socks, and badminton shoes.

Badminton players

  • PV Sindhu
  • Lin Dan
  • Saina Nehwal
  • Viktor Axelsen
  • Tai Tzu‑ying

Badminton rackets near me

  • 2 Player Badminton Set Fran...
  • Wilson Match Point Ba...
  • Prince 2020 Strike Ba...
  • Prince 2020 Warrior...
  • Wilson Strike Badmint...

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Why badminton is your Favourite game?
Badminton is an enjoyable sport that allows me to be active, healthy, and have fun. It's my main source for energy. This sport makes you feel strong and confident. I love the sound of the racket making the "whoosh!" sound.
What can I write about badminton?
Badminton has become a well-known sport and is played around the world. It involves hitting the shuttlecock forward and back with a paddle. The web is made out of steel and has an oblong shape.
Why do you like badminton?
It is an indoor sport that you can enjoy at any hour of any day. It's a great social event, where you can have fun both with newbies and experienced players. - Third, you will have more fun playing badminton the better your skills are.
What is the importance of badminton essay?
Because of this, it improves the intelligence of players by increasing their ability to think about deceiving their opponents. Badminton builds the muscles in the legs and back. Badminton has a psychological benefit. It reduces anxiety and stress.

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