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Swimming Sport How Import

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Student Name: Fatma Mohamed Hany Swimming Sport Swimming sport is one of the best sports which have a lot of advantages and few disadvantages. It is useful to any one and healthy, but it needs some conditions in order to be able to reduce or avoid its disadvantages. Swimming as a sport is considered healthy which can be continued for a lifetime. It is good for heart, muscle tone, and maintain healthy joints. Any person can start learning swimming at young age and continue use this sport to the last day in his or her life.

Also, it cools you off, especially in summer when the weather is hot and humid. In addition to that swimming is a great exercise without the weight pounding you. It is nice for any one and it calms you. It is good as a recreational activity. It helps in building character such as time management and discipline. It builds endurance, fitness and muscles strength. It makes your body flexible and comfortable. It puts very little stress on joints and does need strong muscle to play it.

Therefore, it is good for you mental health because it calms you. It does help you lose weight when person swims faster a little bit. One more advantage, it reduces the risk of drowning. In the matter of facts I found that there are no major disadvantages for the swimming sports. If you do mined not having darker skin, it cause tanned body. It does a little to lose weight, because swimming is water based exercise. If you swim in a chlorinated pool be aware that you are absorbing a lot of the chemical through your skin.

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Public pools are not always clean. The contaminated water makes your skin dirt. That means you stop burning calories once you leave water owning to its cooling effect. Therefore, it is important to alternate other sports such as running or bicycling to sustain weight loss. One more disadvantage for many people that is caused damaged hair. Finally, I prefer swimming sport because it is safe, easy to me. It is not risky as karate, boxing or horseback riding. I consider swimming the best summer sport of all.

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