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My Hobbies

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My Hobbies In my life I had a lot of things to do and enjoy. According to my life besides the ordinary tasks that anyone does, I have several pastimes. Among these one is swimming, watching movies with my parents and play baseball. Swimming i use it to keep my body in good condition and get muscular endurance. the hobby of watching movies with my parents is fun and we talked and shared the evening opining about the best movie we saw.

Baseball is a pastime that was implemented since my fourth years old by my dad and i never stopped practicing. My favorite pastime is the baseball, because I can show my talent playing this sport. The baseball is a sport that depends about ability and mind control. Anyone can have the tools to be the best players of ever, but If the person doesn’t have mind or self-control any couldn’t try to play this sport. The baseball have a roll in my life and that role represent my respect on the field.

The respect that I purpose being a great catcher; everybody knows when I’m in there I the back of the homeplate doing my work, the work than anyone can’t do better than me, protect and command my team. Im my life this activity is so important, because my position in the game describe my self equal than me in the outside. Each people determine his position by his ability, but the catcher position that if you want to play it, any might to be a lider just only to could try it.

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My Hobbies

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