Succeeding at a Job Interview

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BERNETTA J HUNTER Comp II 8 March 2013 Succeeding at a Job Interview If you plan on being employed at a company you like, you will need to succeed at the job interview. First you must do some research on the company. Next you must avoid, if at all possible, the personnel office. Then upon being interviewed, observe all interview rules and be prepared to prove your claims. A well prepared individual walking into an interview is more likely to land the job. When you perform research on a company you have an interview with, it signals interest to the employer.

For example, one might be able to state the sales quota from the previous month. Then you are prepared to state how you can be an asset to the company. If you pursue your job hunt in a detailed, professional manner, the employer could possibly view you performing the job in the same manner. Setting up a career research interview could get your foot in the door and possibly the job. The personnel office is like a road block. Try to avoid it because its job is to screen out the interviewee. You want to go in and ask if you can be interviewed by the person who has the power to interview.

Make no mistake: the personnel office still has the power to say no and tell you to expect a phone call to be interviewed at a later date. If you cannot get past the personnel office for a twenty minute face-to-face interview with the interviewer, keep your research ongoing. Now let’s say you got the job interview, you must observe the interview rules. First you must be converse where you get fifty percent of the interview as well as the interviewer. Next you must not let your answers be shorter than twenty seconds, or longer than two minutes. Then you must try to prove how you can be an asset to the company, and be able to prove it.

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The first impression with the interviewer should be professionally set in stone. Succeeding at an interview is what will land you the job. Taking the time to perform a detailed research shows your desirable interest. Asking to be interviewed by the person in charge can help you cross that barrier of being screened out by the personnel office. Then once you are actually being interviewed, make sure you know the interview rules and follow them. Being prepared at an interview and doing what most people fail to do will put you up higher on the hiring list.

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