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A good CV

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Introduction: It is obviously that everyone wants to get a dream Job. (Curriculum vitae) and a successful Job interview are what you need to make that dream come true. But it seems that Job interview is really the biggest challenge to most of applicants. Even if you have a perfect CV but you do not prepare well for your interview, you will lose your chance. So how can you have the best preparation for a Job interview? Thanks to the development of the Internet, you can easily search this topic on the World Wide Web for information.

However, you can be confused when seeing the vast umber of websites and the many possible ways of locating the information. In the following essay, I will present some criteria to evaluate the credibility and reliability of the materials that I have taken from three web pages about this topic. At first, I had opened page Google. com and then typed the key words: "How to prepare for a Job interview'. I found about 52. 100. 000 results which are relevant to my topic. Nevertheless, I Just selected three of them because they are pretty credible and reliable.

Here is the picture of the result of searching: Three articles I chose on the Internet for my essay: Picture 2: Image of the article "How do I prepare for a Job interview' Picture 3: Image of the article "10 things you should do to prepare for a Job interview' Picture 4: Image of the article "How to prepare for and attend your interviews" Body: My evaluation of the above three articles about the topic "How to prepare for a Job interview? " is based on five criteria of a credible and reliable site.

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A good CV

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They are the electronic addresses, timeliness, the purpose of the websites and documents, the document evaluation, the authorships and the sponsorships. The first article is "How do I prepare for a Job interview'. It is selected from the website with the ". org" tag. So it is worth trusting. Besides, this article is the copyright of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI), the office of which is located in Toronto, On, Canada. OCASI was formed in 1978 with the aim of acting as a collective voice for immigrant serving agencies and coordinating responses to shared needs and concerned.

The settlement. org website, in which the article was posted, is one of the programs of OCASI. It was created and launched by OCASI in 1999 and was awarded the Merit and Diamond Award of Excellence by the Government of Ontario, a istinction given to an online service-delivery initiative that is "truly exceptional". Also, it is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Ontario Ministry ot Citizenship and Immigration (MCI). Theretore, its content is surely guaranteed.

About the purpose of this article, it provides readers a general knowledge about a Job interview, such as: who will interview you, which questions you might be asked or what you have to bring to the interview... Moreover, at the end of this page, it also gives readers some further valuable links to access for more information. Hence, this article is really helpful . lts content is quite well-reasoned for the topic and does not use any emotional expresses. It was last updated on September 12, 2011. The second article is "10 things you should do to prepare for a Job interview'.

Similar to the first article, its website is also housed in the organization (. org) domains, so it is trustworthy too. Moreover, this article is protected by copyright and is property of The Help Group which is the largest, most innovative and comprehensive nonprofit of its kind in the United States. Also, the article is posted by Advance LA team whose Advancela. org website is one of the programs and services offered by the Help Group to answer the most frequently asked questions by parents of teens and young adults with special needs.

This article was contributed by Yuttigar Jirachachavalwong, Graduate Student and Rachel Round, Graduate Student and Advance LA Life Skills Coach and was edited by Amy Jane Griffiths, PhD, Director of Advance LA. Dr. Amy Griffiths is a licensed clinical psychologist and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. She received her Doctorate in the Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology Program from the University of California at Santa Barbara. As Director of Advance LA, Dr.

Griffiths has taken on the all-encompassing mission of creating quality programs, developing and coordinating services, and training Advance LA wonderful coaching staff to help in support of the team while promoting success for all of clients She has worked with adolescents and young adults for a number of years and is extremely committed to making sure that while programs utilize thoughtful, comprehensive, and empirically-based interventions, they also meet the needs of the entire family. These evidences above proved the reliability and credibility of the article.

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