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Job Analysis Interview

A job analysis is the purposeful, systematic process for collecting information on the important work-related aspects of a job.An employer needs as much information as they can get to put together a description of the job.The employer will need to observe, interview, and question the right person for the job that meets their requirements.

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This helps the analyst to collect the information that provides a thorough picture of the job and the duties of the job.

Below are the results of a direct interview with Dale Root who is a driver for Weatherford International, LTD. Weatherford is one of the largest global providers of the advanced products and services. They have more than 900 service facilities in the world. Dale is a truck driver that has been employed with Weatherford for three years now. This interview was conducted on May, 10, 20011, at Weatherford facility in Lindsay, Oklahoma. Weatherford) Dale Root is known as the top driver of Weatherford, and is their mechanic also of all the vehicles there at the Lindsay, Oklahoma yard. The company offers advanced product and services that span the drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention cycles of oil and natural gas. Weatherford has over 1,000 services areas that are being used in the United States and Global area. (www. weatherford. com) Dale Root is directly involved with delivering the tools to all locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas area.

Dale is also responsible for maintaining the mechanical issues with all the trucks, pickups, and the work over rigs. If a truck breaks down, they call Dale in to fix it. According to Dale, the company has come a long way in the analyst area since he first started with the company in 2008. At first they did not have a correct evaluation system in place for they were often losing their information for direction and location areas.

All with the location time that the hands must be on location at a certain time or they lose the job. In closing of the interview with Dale, He told me that his supervisor name is Tony Springman, who is the main person that actually does the evaluation on the new hires. They are very thorough with the hiring process of the company for they do a back ground check on you to make sure that you have no felonies on your record and to make sure that the person don’t have no more than three moving violations on their record.

In closing, there is so much information that is available about Weatherford International LTD. On the internet and you can contact the human resources in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for more information about the company. Tony Springman is the person to get into contact with here at the Lindsay, Oklahoma yard for a job application and to start the process of getting hired on with Weatherford. An analysis really must be done as accurately as possible and must always be kept current.

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