Student Success study guide

Which of the following is the BEST definition of successful intelligence?
Creating and implementing an action plan to reach an important goal
Which ability is NOT part of emotional intelligence?
Anchoring emotions
How does creative thinking help you achieve your goals?
It helps you generate ideas and approaches to solve problems.
Which of the following is considered a part of the “culture” of college?
The opportunity for independent learning, a fast pace and increased workload, higher- level thinking, ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Self-esteem is
the belief in yourself that helps you stay motivated to achieve your goals.
Which is NOT a documented positive effect of emotional intelligence?
High self-esteem
Motivation is
a goal-directed force that moves individuals to action.
When we say that one has an internal locus of control, this refers to
internal factors such as our values and attitudes.
College graduates, on average,
earn $20,000 more per year than individuals with a high school diploma.
How does choosing to act with integrity affect you?
It adds to you self-esteem , by avoiding shortcuts , you will actually learn the assigned material, it earns you the respect of a community of students who behave ethically. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Which of the following is NOT a reason why lifelong learning is useful?
The global economy is focusing on products and services.
When facing your fears, which of the following actions is most helpful?
Acknowledge your fears and work to overcome them.
What is the BEST way to learn from a failure or mistake?
Analyze what happened, come up with creative improvements, and take action.
What statement would someone with a fixed mind set NOT agree with?
Your intelligence level can change over time.
Which of the following is the BEST example of applying analytical thinking to career exploration?
Evaluating the results of interest inventories with a career counselor.
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Some people procrastinate to
avoid confronting their limitations.
When prioritizing your tasks to be completed in a day, you should always
schedule lower priority items around your top priority items as they fit.
Your personal mission is best described as what type of goal for your life?
Longest-term goal
Which of the following are common sources of values?
Friends and family
Once you set a goal, which of the following is likely to help you to achieve it?
Make the goal specific and realistic
Values play an important part in achieving goals because they help you
Understand what you want out of life, build “rules” for life, find people who inspire you. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
People tend to procrastinate because they are
Perfectionists, afraid of their limitations, not sure what to do next. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Short-term goals are steps that help you
create day-to-day activities that help to implement your long-term goals.
Which is NOT a way to reduce stress levels?
Avoiding time with friends
You’re considering sociology as your major. You’ve looked through the course
catalog and learned that there is a sociology major available at your school. Examining the course catalog is an example of
a short-term goal.
Which of the following strategies will NOT help you cope with stress?
Waiting until the last minute to complete a task.
Some people procrastinate to?
Avoid confronting their limitations.
The quote from the study skills library at California Polytechnic Statue University states that “the procrastinator” believes he/she can complete a task at the last minute easily. This can lead to?
Counterproductive behavior that reinforces procrastination.
A planner is designed to?
help you schedule and remember events and commitments.
When courses are offered at various times, which factor is NOT a time- management consideration in course scheduling?
Who else will be in the class.
Short-term goals are steps that help you?
Create day-to-day activities that help to implement your long-term goals.
An effective way to determine long-term goals is to?
Look at what you want out of your career and life over the next decade.
chapter 3
According to research, what percent of the college student population is affected by some degree of depression?
Nearly half of all students
To maintain your physical health you should do all of the following EXCEPT
eat foods high in sugar and carbohydrates.
Part of managing your health effectively is the ability to forgo an immediate reward to gain a more substantial one later. This health management technique is referred to as
delaying gratification
Which is NOT an effective way to stay safe on campus?
Avoid security doors
What are the three categories of exercise?
Cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility
What is currently the most serious type of sexually transmitted infection (STI)?
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
Of the options below, which is statistically the most effective way to prevent pregnancy
Not having sex
Obesity refers to
having a BMI of 30 or over.
Students often struggle when trying to eat healthfully due to busy schedules and
a food environment with an abundance of cheap, unhealthful choices.
All of the following are effective stress-management tools EXCEPT
getting all your work done as quickly as possible.
Research indicates that college students should get?
8 to 9 hours of sleep a night to function well.
What is the most common eating disorder among men and women?
Binge eating disorder.
Smoke exhale by smokers or given off by burning cigarettes is known as?
Secondhand smoke.
Heavy prolonged consumption of alcohol can lead to?
Liver damage and addiction.
The only birth control method that offers a high degree of protection from STIs is?
Latex or polyurethane condoms.
Chapter 4
If your instructor’s teaching style is traditional lecture and you are an interpersonal learner, you might choose to
join a study group to review and discuss issues with other students.
Howard Gardner defines intelligence as an ability to
solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture.
When your learning preference does not match up with your instructor’s teaching style, the BEST response is to
play to your strengths, work on your weak areas, and ask your instructor for help.
Metacognition means
thinking about thinking
The Personality Spectrum assessment will help you to identify
four personality types that reveal the kinds of interactions that are most (and least) comfortable for you
Your friend has just been diagnosed with a reading-related learning disorder. Which action would NOT help himself manage his disability?
Lowering his expectations for success
Psychologist Carl Jung developed a typology of personalities that involves
An individual preferred world, different ways of interacting with the world. BOTH A AND B.
Which of the following is NOT a primary characteristic of an Organizer according to the Personality Spectrum?
In a group of students with various learning preferences, which person is using his or her strengths most effectively?
A visual-spatial learner who brings charts and graphs to illustrate a point
The ability to sense the moods and feelings of others is a strength of which of Gardner’s multiple intelligences?
Assessments to determine more about how you learn and respond to information are beneficial because they ?
Can increase your self-knowledge.
Self- knowledge can help you?
Make more effective choices in school and life.
The traditional college classroom format tends to be most comfortable for the?
Verbal- linguistic learner, logical-mathematical learner, thinker and organizer. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Joan has a strong interpersonal intelligence. She enjoys her history class but does not like memorizing facts and repetition. What would be a good study stray for her?
Use flash cards with a study group.
One example of a reading- related learning disorder is?
Your friend has just been diagnosed with a reading- related learning disorder. Which action would NOT help himself manage his disability?
Visiting the tutoring center.
chapter 5
The process of gathering information, breaking it into parts, examining it, and making connections is
analytical thinking.
Evidence with a bias
includes preferences that prevent even-handed judgment.
Which sequence of events illustrates the most helpful problem-solving plan?
Clearly state the problem, analyze its cause and effects, brainstorm possible solutions, evaluate the pros and cons of each potential choice, pick an option, try it out, and evaluate its success.
Practical thinking is
finding ways to shape, change, or adapt to one’s environment to implement important goals.
Gas prices are going to increase because oil companies are hoarding profits.” This example is a statement of
When thinking creatively, it’s important to
Brainstorm, be willing to take risks, give yourself time to think. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
To change the way you look at something, you should try to
challenge assumptions, shift perspectives, and ask “what if” questions.
Practical thinking is important because it
helps you actively apply what you know in real-world situations.
You have a choice between two summer jobs. Job 1 offers experience in your major but pays a lower wage. Job 2 pays more money but is not directly related to your field of study. Of the choices below, which is the most logical first step to take as you make this decision?
Considering how much money you need to earn during the summer, look at what both jobs pay you, and try to come up with other options for earning
Gathering information requires a careful analysis of all the following EXCEPT
the ability to shift perspectives.
What will give you the greatest chance to solve a problem successfully?
Using analytical, creative and practical skills.
What strategy will help you in the analytical process?
Separate the ideas and look for themes, Compare and contrast, examine cause and effect. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Statement of opinion?
Includes absolutes, abstract terms, emotional words, and evaluative statements.
“Studies show that the higher education leads to better job prospects.” This example is a statement of?
Creativity expert Roger von Oech says that creativity can be developed with?
Mental flexibility.
Chapter 6
Which of the following would be BEST to highlight as you read your textbook?
Key terms and concepts
The purpose of surveying before reading a chapter is to
get an overview of the main ideas and themes.
You’re reading an online report concerning the leading causes of climate change. Which of the following would suggest that the evidence supporting the author’s position is unreliable?
The evidence is mainly from two large-scale studies sponsored by two different auto manufacturers.
Ways to increase your concentration when studying include
structuring your study time and minimizing technology use.
Which is NOT a way to use your dictionary to increase vocabulary?
Analyze spelling
When is the most effective time to recite information from your reading?
After you have read a text section
How can a questioning attitude improve your reading comprehension?
It helps you connect the reading to what you already know.
Which of the following is NOT an organizing theme found in the social sciences and humanities?
Critical readers
question every statement for accuracy, relevance, and logic.
Secondary sources are
other writers’ interpretations of original documents.
Determining your purpose for reading helps you to do all EXCEPT which of the following?
Find the answers more quickly.
What is NOT part of determining an effective setting for focused reading?
The evening.
When studying math you should?
Understand the principle behind every formula.
Differentiating– for example, between reading for pleasure and reading for information- involves thinking on which level of Blooms Taxonomy?
Locating information in electronic library databases requires that you use?
Chapter 7
Which of the following is NOT a helpful organizing strategy for notes?
Different types of paper
Financial stress has been causing Cory to worry all the time, affecting his attention in the classroom. This is an example of
internal distraction.
Your instructor discusses ideas and examples in a logical manner but moves fairly quickly. Which note-taking system would be an effective choice for this class?
Informal outline
A mnemonic device is
A memory technique that uses a vivid association to link new information to what you already know, a tool to help you memorize materials, a technique that uses acronyms and other visual pictures hook information together. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of the active learner
Sitting back as others speak
A complete, integrated note set that contains both class and text notes is called a
master note set.
A sentence in which the first letters of the words in the sentence stand for the first letters of the terms you want to memorize is called a
list order acronym.
Brain filters through which sensory information enters the brain and is sent to the short-term memory are known as
sensory registers.
Which is another term for a think link?
A mind map
What are the two main purposes of class notes?
To record what was said in class and provide study materials
The listening process consists of ?
Sensing, Interpreting, evaluating, and reacting.
During the sensation stage you?
Hear sound waves.
Which is NOT an effective way to reduce distractions in the classroom?
Use pens or pencils with different colors to distinguish main ideas from supporting ones in your notes.
Which of the following is NOT a cause of listening lapses?
Refocusing quickly.
The stage of listening where you are attaching meaning to the instructors message is the?
Interpretation stage.
The Cornell note-taking system is based on the use of a ?
T-shaped note design.
When is the BEST time to review class lecture notes for the first time?
Within a day of the lecture.
Which is an example of using shorthand to speed up your note taking?
Coming up with different abbreviations for each class meeting.
what memory tool places disconnected information into units that are easier to remember?
A sentence in which the first letters of the word in the sentence stand for the first letters of the terms you want to memorize is called a?
List order acronym.
Synthesizing a master set of notes into a one page study sheet of key points requires?
Critical thinking skills.
Chapter 8
To answer a question on a multiple-choice test, which is an effective strategy?
All of the above
Essay questions ask for written responses and are an example of
subjective questions.
When you pay attention to words such as always, never, or every in test questions, you are aware of
how qualifiers modify the meaning of a question.
The goal of any college test is to
see what you have learned.
Spending a few minutes to get an overview at the beginning of a test is important because
you can get an idea of the type of questions you face and how to approach them.
Some test-taking strategies suggested in the chapter are
begin with an overview, write down key facts, and read directions.
The BEST set of strategies for answering essay questions is
map out your time, focus on action verbs, and plan out your argument.
What would be most effective to ask an instructor before a test?
What topics will be covered and what types of questions will be on the test?
The two keys to combating test anxiety are
attitude and preparation
Which of the following offers the BEST set of ways to predict what will be on a test?
Examine old tests, design your own study guide, and talk to people who completed the course and did well
Chapter 10
Which of the following is NOT a way that successfully intelligent people move toward their goals?
They let others initiate action
What is continuing education?
Courses people take to stay informed of developments and ideas in a career field
A growth mindset is essential to career success because it promotes
an attitude that you can always grow and learn.
Sources of career information include all of the following EXCEPT
the bursar’s office.
Before your resumé can be read by someone in human resources, prospective employers will scan it looking for
keywords relating to the job or industry
A temporary work program, often unpaid, in which a student can gain experience in a particular field is called
an internship.
What federal government agency encourages volunteering within the United States and even offers rewards to those that get involved?
The goal of service learning is to provide
the community with service and students with knowledge gained from hands-on experience.
How does knowing how you learn help with your career search?
Self-knowldge helps you identify your interests and talents, knowing your personality type helps you understand how you work with others. BOTH A AND B.
Which is one way you can make learning a habit for life?
By reading and investigating new interests
In college, you use test-taking skills to handle quizzes, tests, and final exams. In career and life, you will use them for?
Getting certified in work skills that require it.
How can you adapt to change in career and life?
Use your planning as a guide rather than a rule.
A combination of knowledge, talent, and abilities needed to perform a specific job is know as?
A skill set.
Transferable skills are those that one can?
Use with new and different jobs and careers.
When exploring careers, how can you learn more without making a major commitment?
Taking a course int he field, volunteering in the field, working part-time job related to the field. ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Chapter 9
The person assigned to assist students in completing their academic program of study is:
An academic advisor
If you are having trouble identifying the important aspects of a lecture, you should
a and b
Helpful tips for persisting in college include all of the following except:
Avoid a professor if you are having a problem with his or her class
Sources of career information include all of the following EXCEPT
the bursar’s office.
When students declare an academic major they:
b and c
When determining if a club is a good fit, identify which of these is not a valid consideration?
Do I know and like all of the members?
Hazing can take place in many instances: reports that hazing happens to over 50% of the students involved in clubs, teams and organizations. Which of the following is true?
Hazing is “any activity that humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers the person “
At IRSC, as well as all other colleges and universities, there are many clubs, teams and organizations that students may join. What might be an important point to consider in deciding which to join?
All answers are correct.
Which of the following is true regarding services provided at IRSC?
IRSC provides accommodations for documented disabilities
Cora is pretty sure she is being hazed in her organization. She is the newest person to join. She, and no one else, had to stand up in front of the club and tell the officers names and majors. They laughed at her when she got any wrong and she had to wear an embarrassing shirt while doing this. She is not going to return to the group. Is there something else she should do?
Report this incident to the director of student activities.
Chapter 11
When budgeting for the term, which item is NOT considered an expense?
Payments you will make on student loans after graduation
A creditor is
a company to whom a debt is owed.
Which set of tools can you use to help your money grow as much as possible in the short term?
Savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs
One way to consider whether a purchase is worth it is to
look at how many hours you must work to earn the purchase price.
How can your values affect the monetary choices you make?
What is most important to you is reflected in how you spend your money.
When thinking about taking a part-time job during school, your primary goal should be
to earn the money you need without negatively affecting your coursework.
One of the BEST ways to manage credit card debt is to
get a card with a low interest rate and pay bills on time.
Which of the following is NOT part of the income you have available to spend each year?
Interest on school loans
Which action can help you with your long-term financial goals?
Create a realistic monthly budget
Monetary interest calculated on your original investment as well as the interest already added to the account is known as
compound interest.
Which of the following is NOT a type of federal student loan?
All of the following factors influence fundamental money-managemnt decisions EXCEPT?
Whether you use financial management software.
Changing how you manage money requires you to?
Analyze your attitudes and behaviors toward money.
A plan to coordinate resources and expenditures is known as a?
Your credit score is?
A measure of your credit risk.
Chapter 12
Which is NOT an example of discrimination?
Thinking that your study group is better than all other groups
One important response to discrimination and hate is to
gather knowledge about people who are different from you.
What are possible outcomes when interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures?
Communicating roadblocks, Mutual respect, Lack of understanding. ALL OF THE ABOVE.All of the above
The ultimate goal of cultural competence is to
interact successfully with all kinds of people.
What differences among people are less visible than gender and ethnicity, but are no less significant?
All of the aboveReligious beliefs, sexual orientation, martial status. ALL OF THE ABOVE
A standardized mental picture, representing an oversimplified opinion or uncritical judgment, is called a(n)
What would be the BEST response if someone started giving you constructive criticism?
Evaluate the criticism for truthfulness, then talk about it without being defensive.
Which of the following is NOT a nonverbal communication signal?
Word choice
Imagine you are preparing for an upcoming study group meeting. There is one person with a strong intrapersonal intelligence with whom communication is often a challenge. One strategy for communicating effectively with an intrapersonal learner could be
be as clear as possible in expressing who you are (your learning styles, personality, work ethic, expectations) and how your styles may or may not align
Valuing diversity means
treating people with respect, avoiding assumptions, and being nonjudgmental.
Which communication style is clearest and most productive?
An informational, short email that asks for feedback would be and effective way to communicate with?
Someone from Generation X.
Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of electronic communication?
Communicating online can build confidence for face to face situations.
Statistically, how many college students have experienced and reported at least one violent incident while dating?
One in 5
” How did you find a car that fits your personality so well? Aren’t you happy to have bought such a great car?” The communication style of these questions would typically be associated with which dimension of the Personality Spectrum?
“When purchasing your car, how did you research which would be safest, most gas efficient, reliable car with the best price?” The communication style of these questions would typically be associated with which dimension of the Personality Spectrum?