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For people to succeed in life there should be a continuous plan that has to endure all through the process of their lives. Success is a process and not an event. No one has the passion of not succeeding in life but unfortunately few people have the passion to succeed. Success comes in various facets.

One can succeed in religious endeavors, business, and relationships and in maintaining health among many other things. All these ways of succeeding require a well calculated plan.

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The formula for success entails having a vision. Champions get what they want because they know what they want. Vision motivates individuals, driving them to succeed in whatever they do. Therefore it is paramount for an individual to visualize what is successful and strive to get it no matter what. In this sense everyone has an own perception of success. Therefore what one perceives is what they get.

People who consistently succeed have a clear and thoughtful strategy. They know what they want to do and when to do it. For strategic planning for success, the plan should be put down in writing. From this plan the input in terms of finance and time should be clearly stated.

If it is planning for a health program, for example reducing weight the plan should have a clear and practical measures that will ensure that the aimed goal is accomplished. The time expected to reach the goal has to be also in writing. For instance, if it is to achieve an academic goal, one has to plan bearing in mind the money that needs to be invested and also the time.

For someone to be successful in whatever is done there should be passion in the works done. People with passion are energized in whatever they do. If it is in business then one has to invest passionately regardless of the risks involved. For a students to succeed in their academic endeavors they have to study enthusiastically and passionately all the subjects they take.

In addition, successful people are always flexible. It is indispensable sometimes for the made plans to go through. So for one to succeed, it is sometimes inevitable to change even the best laid plans. In this case there is the need to be willing to start over and to consider any potential viable alternative.

Another step in the formula for success is to take risks. All successful businessmen take very high risks. Most people live in ruts because of the fear to take risks. People who consistently win are willing to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. It is therefore important to be willing to plunge into the unknown and leave behind the safe and unchallenging things.

The power of association equally contributes to ones success. Friends reflect the type of people we are. If one is surrounded with people who want to succeed, the individual is bound to succeed.  Bounding with people who have skills, talents and abilities can lead one to succeed in various fields. They enable an individual to emulate them thus unleashing their potential by reacting to the challenges shown by friends.

After one makes a plan then priorities should be set to ensure that first things are tackled first. The challenges should be managed in a hierarchical manner to ensure that the things to be tackled are handled in the order of priority. The formula for success requires an individual not to spend time on priority number two when number priority one needs attention.

Finally, for one to succeed there is the need be conscious and committed to self-management. An individual’s self is the most important resource in achieving their goals. In this case individuals need to manage their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.


Schullar, R. (1988).Success is Never Ending Failure is Never Final. New York: Bantam Books.

Future Career Success

We all know that students nowadays are studying hard in the school. And many educator and parents are willing to see the students are doing so. They believe that studying hard is more important for success in the future. Although studying hard is very essential for students, the more imperative thing modern children should acquire is the ability to keep a good relationship with others. Relating well and cooperating with others contributes remarkably to students’ success in the future job market.

It is become more and more difficult for a single person to deal with the complex issue. In the past, the jobs were usually very simple, such as sending the mails to the home, repairing the bicycles or other simple machines. But now the task turns to be very complex. When doctor meet a strange disease, he could not know the real reason that cause the illness before talk with other doctors in hospital. The engineering also cannot design the whole building all by himself, and he need a team of engineering to concern all of the aspects when constructing the whole building.

So even though a man have a lot of knowledge keep in their brain, when confront the complicated tasks, relate to others seem to be more important. A good interpersonal relationship will make the person feel happy and have a nice life. It is because that as a modern human being, everybody has tons of work to do in daily life, so they always feel very tired and frustrated after work. At this time a good relationship will help to relieve pressure. Lily got a perfect score after she graduate, and she got a good job in an economic company.

There are a plenty of work for her to finish every day. Since she studied very hard at school and didn’t have any time to play with her classmates, so she has little friends around her. Even though the salary is handsome, she still felt her life is not blissful. But one day she read a book named how to win friends and influence people, she learnt the importance of keeping touch with others and a lot of experience about how to make friends. Then she successfully makes a lot of friends around her and they usually go shopping, go swimming and go hiking together after work or in the weekends.

Now she felt very glad about her life and she performs much better in her jobs. This is just the relationship between friends that bring so much benefit to a person's success in one's career. Admittedly, studying hard in school might do student a favor to be successful in the future jobs to some degree. For one thing, studying hard could help students to acquire knowledge from the books, which is important when you need these knowledge’s to solve problems in the job. For another thing, it will make your parents and teachers feel happy.

However, relating well with others not means to study badly. A person keeps good relationship with schoolmates should also have a good performance in their study. I think the parents and teachers would more willing to see the children not only study hard but also have a lot of good friends around them. Although I agree that a good study is very important for students in school, I feel that the good relationship with others will bring more benefits to individuals and will play more important role in the future career.

Is Personal Happiness Directly Related to Economic Success

Some people believe that happiness is related to economic success because only money can make people’s life more enjoyable. When it comes to economic success, the majority of people believe that money means a luxurious life. To begin with, if someone owns great success on economic, that means he can spend more money on whatever he likes and spend more time on his hobbies. Emotionally, money can buy happiness at least to some extent.

That is to say, you can buy things that you like in order to fulfill your needs and vanities and this makes you feel happier. You can also enjoy the best education and social welfare. Thirdly, economic success implies high social class and status, which can make people feel happy and respectable. Opponents, however, hold the view that happiness does not depend on economic success but completely other factors.

First of all, numerous studies show that happy individuals are successful across multiple life domains, including marriage, income, work performance and health. The happiness exists not only because economic success makes people happy, but also because positive affect engenders happiness. What’s more, It is indisputable that there are millions of people who still have a miserable life and have to fact the dangers of starvation and exposure, but some of them sill lead a happy life because they keep the happy spirit.

Last but not least, money can not buy everything, such as friendship, true love and health. You can buy things corporeal, but you can never spend money to ask for more time. In the final analysis, both sides have sound foundations. However, if asked to make a choice, I will not hesitate to assent to the latter. I firmly believe that happiness is not only related to economic success but also links to other factors which are much more significant.

Q81. Does a person have to earn a lot of money to be considered successful?

Essay Outline

Argument: In Society, we are that having a large amount of money means that we are successful. However, I

disagree With this way of thinking.

Support 1: There are many that ?an be achieved that are not tied to money.

Support 2: When people are happy with their lives, they will always feel like they are successful.

Support 3: There is a famous saying, ''money can't buy happiness," and I agee.

Thesis: All in all, I do not believe that earning a lot of money is a of Success. This is because money doesn't

always buy happiness, family or satisfaction.

Model Essay

In society, we are taught that having a large amount of money means that we are successful. However, I

disagree with this way of thinking. I think that we can be successful by having many achievements, and by feeling

satisfied With our lives. First, when we achieve many that are 

not ned to money, we can feel successful. Second,

when we are satisfied with the life we have, we are successful. Third, there is a very Important sayIng, ''money can't buy happiness." I think that being happy with one's life and having other types of achievements are signs of success, not just money.


First, there are many things that can be achieved that are not tied to money. Take for example teachers, who

don't receive a lot of money. They feel successful because their students continue on from grade to grade, always improving and learning. Teachers feel successful because they have helped students learn new things. Moreover, there are people who volunteer to make the world a better plee and they do not take any type of payment, but they feel successful.

Second, when people are happy with their lives, they will always feel like they are successful. My family

doesn't have a lot of money, but they are happy with the lives they have made for themselves. They enjoy their

hobbles, family dinners, and freedom away from the pressures of earning the big money. This is very important

because people always want uhat they do not have and want to do better then other people but that is not true


All in all, I do not believe that earning lot of money is a sign of success, is because money doesn't always buy happiness, family or satisfaction. I think it is more important to spend your life with the people that you love.

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The three formulas of success are setting goals, taking action, and learning from mistakes. Setting goals helps to provide direction and focus, taking action helps to make progress towards those goals, and learning from mistakes helps to ensure that progress is made in the most efficient and effective way possible.
Is there a secret formula to success?
No, there is no secret formula to success. Success is different for everyone and is often the result of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Everyone's journey to success is unique and requires different strategies and approaches.
What are the six formulas to success?
The six formulas to success are setting goals, having a positive attitude, taking action, staying organized, learning from mistakes, and having a growth mindset. These formulas can help you achieve success in any area of life, whether it be personal, professional, or educational.
What is success formula by Einstein?
Einstein's success formula is often quoted as "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." He believed that success comes from trying new things and taking risks, rather than relying on the same methods and expecting different results.

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