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Failure Is the First Step to Success

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“Failure is the first step towards success” is one of the most heard quotes and is again and again told to us in every step of life, but how often do we realize its importance or live by its mantra? Honestly, we don’t! We just expect the fruit to come to us without working over its plant. Getting up requires falling.

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Failure Is the First Step to Success

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. We can relate this to anything we do or anything we try to.

To succeed in something, we need to keep this in our mind that we are going to fall. A very famous quote regarding this explains very clearly that “ITS NOT THE FALLING PART THAT’S HARD, IT’S THE GETTING UP” . The only way we can learn to rise is when we have been through certain circumstances. When we know what we did wrong in the first place, when we have tried every known method that’s exactly when it will dawn on us – the right way to get up. Success depends on you.

If you have fallen time after time, its time to build a different strategy for getting up, you will succeed! Many people have a serious misconception when it comes to "failure" because they put negative labels on people they deem to have failed. It's important to understand that any time we fail at something, whether it's large or small; we are one step closer to success. Nothing ends in failure, if you don't let it, and your attitude is what will lead you into turning failure into success.

As an easy mind up, a man fall but then get up then again, fall and then again get up, and every time the man try again, he learns and earns more experience and gains guides on how to handle his getting up the next time. You shouldn’t be dishearten or anything with the fall you get the first time, but instead learn from it on how to handle the situation again in a much easier way! Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success

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on Failure Is the First Step to Success

Who said failure is the first step to success?

William Whewell Statements Each disappointment is a stage to progress.

What is the first step to success?

Initial step for progress is possession. We have to take responsibility for lives and understand that it is just we who are answerable for our prosperity or disappointment. We frequently censure others for our disappointments. We additionally regularly reprimand circumstances for our disappointments.

How does failure lead to success?

So don't see disappointment as misfortune. Rather see disappointment as only a chance to attempt once more. Not just that have a ton of fun, on the grounds that while you're coming up short, you're learning and you're developing. ... In the event that you take anything from this consistently recollect disappointment prompts achievement, so don't be hesitant to fail.

Who said failure is the mother of success?

An antiquated Chinese axiom says, "Disappointment is the mother of achievement." Having encountered little disappointments assists individuals with adapting to significant annihilation. Be that as it may, to business starters, achievement is the mother of disappointment, Chau believes.

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