What Important Skills Should a Person Learn to Be Successful?

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2020
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“What important skills should a person learn to be successful in the world today? ” Nowadays, becoming a successful person is one of the first targets of humans . People succeed doesn't depend on who are they - musician, president, businessman etc. It doesn't depends only on having certain skills. Today , various skills contribute to success. I think, that any person can become successful through learning from the mistakes, being able to take risk and having the persistence. In my opinion, one of the important skills that a person should have in order to be successful is learning from the mistakes.

We know that nobody is perfect on doing something, especially if he or she does it for the first time. Before achieving any goals, humans can make a lot of mistakes. Some people become grieved and lose their self - confidence when they do mistake. This disappointing ends with failure in your job or in your successful development. While making mistakes, if we feel sorry for ourselves then we will have failure, but, if we accept the lesson from our mistake then we will move to a successful life.

Except learning from the mistakes, being able to take a risk is also one of the main keys of success. Any person, who want to achieve success must not afraid of risk, they should not see the risk as a danger. Taking a risk could result a lot of positive outcomes, and it can be very profitable. According to co - founder of Zipcar company Robin Chase, " Taking professional and entrepreneurial risks is quite profitable . My decision at age 23 to illegally slip into Kenya from Tanzania was a greater risk than launching Zipcar with just $78 in my bank account.

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Today Zipcar has 350,000 members using 6,500 cars. " Taking real risk also requires freedom in our expectations and fears. Not all people can have such freedom, that's why not everybody can take risks and be successful. In addition to learning from the mistakes and being able to take a risk, having the persistence is also one of the main points of being successful in the world. Today, any person can achieve success by developing his or he persistence to a very high level. In order to reach any goal and succeed , person should take sequential actions.

I think, that it is the biggest problem of many people not to be sequential, staying out of the race in reaching finish and persistence. In brief, today everybody wants to be prosperous, beginning from the trucker to the doctor. It is not so easy to succeed. It requires some necessary abilities, such as: having self- assurance through learning from mistakes, being bold to take any risk and having perseverance. These keys are very important and basis in achieving success. Therefore, I think, ..........

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