Impacts And Evaluation Of Online Shopping

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Doing the dissertation on the impacts and evaluation of online shopping upon high street shopping is challenging for some reasons. First is that dissertation requires thorough understanding on the subjects so that prior to the writing of first words, the researcher must take much time reading about cellular technology development and the mobile industry in the UK as well. Second, writing this dissertation is such a having fun since it provides the researcher with opportunity to explore an industry that the researcher becomes one of the consumers.

This condition might be tougher if I should dissertation on an industry that the researcher has no idea about it and has not used the services or products that the industry provides. Since the researcher has become the users or customers of mobile phone industry, the writing ideas flow smoothly as the researcher also adds experience in using mobile services in the UK. In addition, to provide comprehensive results, the researcher learned and employed many research methodology approaches.

Moreover, to obtain maximum benefits from this dissertation, the researcher also combine several applications of Microsoft Office to make this dissertation more attractive. For instances, in some pages, we provide information in tabular forms especially that related to statistics by using Microsoft Excel. In addition, the researcher also learned to take benefits of Microsoft Word that have many feature like paste special features, making simple table etc.

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In addition to interesting learning experience, the researcher also faces difficulties in writing this dissertation. First, at the beginning the researcher has no idea to put thousands of words into paper. This is because, usually, research papers that the researcher has done never exceed 50 pages. So, the requirements to write tens of pages of dissertation at some times discourage the researcher. Fortunately, by writing an outline that exhibits headings of sub-headings, the researcher is able to write the dissertation step by step.

Interestingly, after finishing writing the dissertation, it can be seen that the researcher’s writing skills have improved in several ways, especially related to transition between paragraphs and headings. Nevertheless, the dissertation topic is “Impact and Evaluation of Onlilne Shopping upon High Street Shopping: Mobile Phone Market in UK”. The purpose of this dissertation is to explore how street shops of mobile phones are being substituted by online shopping of mobile phones in the UK.

In addition, the researcher also learned that in the UK mobile phone industry, there are the so-called the three magic words, referring to three services that mobile phone customers demand; they are attractive services such as email access via mobile phones, extensive coverage, and low costs. The researcher also learned that actually there are many mobile phone service providers in addition to Vodafone; hey include O2 (formerly BT Cellnet) and Hutchinson 3G in which both strive for being the forefront of 3G services, the latest commercialized technology in mobile services.

The researcher also learned from this dissertation that UK mobile phone market in UK is growing very fast. It is not limited activity for special people anymore, but buying mobile phones become common purchase for almost people in the UK. According to the full-grown market, competition between vendors has become eager and the prices of mobile phone progressively go down. The appearance of the mobile phone shops and retailers lead the customers to direct cost savings In the researcher’s observation, it is also learned that nowadays main high streets in UK are full of mobile phone seller.

Furthermore, every newspaper, magazine, ad, and TV break tells peoples in UK about the newest and best trades of mobile phone from the networks and retailers. The researcher learned that this flood of advertising in media could lead into ineffective messages since one high street shop tries to eliminate the others. Therefore, in researcher’s opinion, it is hard for the consumer to choose the greatest deal because there are so many options and offerings available. They should fit it with their lifestyle and their pocket.

High street shops present with prices that significantly cheaper In information era, the researcher also learned from this dissertation that online resellers of mobile phone have been fast to take benefit of the web as a main distribution channel. Many manufacturers of mobile phone are selling in a straight line by networks with their customers. They diminish conventional business expenses by using the internet as the main groundwork of business. It means that potential savings for the customers when buying mobile phones online.

Although online retailers can bargain the equal services as high street retailers, it can be not easy to buy the right mobile phone that peoples really want without some information about the products features. Although, researcher found that UK is among the highest country in terms of the number of Internet users, the researcher does not see that online shopping will replace high street stores in the near future. This is because UK shoppers of mobile phone are spending more on the high street. Many mobile phone retailers use competitive high street offer.

They are showing peoples the trendy and reasonably priced collections of mobile phone products and services that they have. Using their ability, retailers in the high street have been capable to continue place their position in the mobile market and responding to consumer needs much faster than online shopping. Besides, with the rising development in quality, consumers are pleased to buy the mobile product and services in high street Another attraction that makes high street stores keep alive is that the high street can react to consumer requires in a very short time frame, summarizing the present trends and needs.

More principally is that UK shoppers are more and more moving away from the lifestyle packages offered by online shopping. With no doubt, consumers are smarter and more selective these days. They are choosing get products and services that more transparently in the transaction, because they can see the products obviously. In addition, the researcher also witness that the high street shops offer peoples with efficient and great information on mobile phone products and services in UK. If peoples are looking for information on cheap mobile phone products and service, this is the right place to find out.

While exploring the mobile phones product here, they also bring peoples with the talented mobile phone suppliers and a diverse choice of mobile phone designs modified to meet the customer’s needs. Moreover, customers can get fantastic collection of cool mobile phone accessories (“Online shopping 'safer than high street'”, 2005). Although, it is obvious tat online stores do not eliminate high street stores, the researcher witness that online shopping for mobile phones continue rising every time. This is because online shopping provides customers with guides to the product catalogue in the internet.

It is easy for them to find their desirable product. They can browse many kinds of mobile phone in UK websites, which offer a mail order home delivery service throughout the United Kingdom. In addition, the feature of home delivery also beneficial since online shopping is characteristically similar to high street stores and by conducting online shopping; customers can save time and money. Moreover, online shopping can be made in 24 hours a day at a time that is suitable for every customer. Moreover, customers can find good sales and web exclusive offers for hundreds of great products.

These products are usually guaranteed (“Online shopping 'safer than high street'”, 2005). However, the researcher found threats to online shopping as UK mobile phone market lies on the reality that customers does not comfy enough to shop online because of greater fraud cases in some peoples. This situation is diminishing any efforts to attract customers to shop online. Some consumers are becoming unenthusiastic to access the online shopping because of fears about credit card safety and their rights when buying online.

This situation indicates that online retailers would not substitute the position of high street retailers entirely because there are still many peoples who are not secure to buy mobile phone online (“Online shopping 'safer than high street'”, 2005).


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