A Comparison between Online Shopping and in-Store Shopping

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Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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As I lay in my bed I was thinking to myself I want to go shopping, but I don't want to drive all the way to Rosedale Mall or even Maplewood Mall. I decided that I would go online and check to see if they had any good deals or just anything in general for that matter. I was skeptical about buying anything online because I am not sure if the clothes are going to fit right or if anything will be broken by the time I get it. In addition, one would have to wait five to ten business days for one's package. Online shopping and in-store shopping have plenty of similarities, but the differences between the two make it hard to decide between shopping in the store and shopping online.

The first major difference between online shopping and in-store shopping is driving. First of all, gas is so expensive now, averaging about $3.50 in my neighborhood. I live about fifteen minutes away from Rosedale Mall and about eighteen minutes away from Maplewood Mall. I would save so much gas by not going to the mall; instead I can just stay at home and do online shopping. Some people may like to get the exercise while shopping at the mall in person. Illustrated with, I was shopping at Maplewood Mall Friday, and it was 9:30, and I say a couple walking around the mall not doing any shopping, but just getting there daily exercise in.

Equal important, online shopping a person can stay in their pajamas, or they can actually go out and see the product themselves. Plus many stores can be accessed from cell phones or other wireless devices, which makes it even more convenient. For example, My friend has a very cute pair of shoes I saw a couple of weeks ago I asked her where she got them, and she said Zappo, which is a shoe store, but it is only accessible online. At the time I was at my boyfriends cabin up in Brainerd where I did not have access to my computer, so I went on my cell phone, found the shoes, and bought them.

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By the time I got home from his cabin they were there waiting for me. Also the malls are only open during certain times of the day, which make it very inconvenient if I wanted to do late night shopping, or even bright and early shopping. On the other hand, online stores can be accessed 24 hours if I chose to do shopping online, so I could do my shopping whatever time I would like to.

The third most important difference between online shopping and in-store shopping is the price differential. When I shop online, usually I have to pay shipping and handling on top of my purchase already. Most stores usually do free shipping if I spend over a specified dollar amount when I shop online. For instance, I was shopping at kohls.com and my total was 93.95 and for free shopping I had to spend over 100 dollars, so I spent 9 more dollars on a necklace and got free shipping. Shipping can vary from store to store some store can offer free shipping no matter what, but then some stores are 50 dollars or even 100 dollars. Unlike when we go shopping in stores, I have to pay for just my purchase plus sales tax, but the price might be more expensive from the online price.

However, sometimes the in-store shops will charge a higher price versus the online price in order to pay the employees and other expenses. For instance my friend and I once got the same pair of jeans, we both got them at Macy's, but she paid for them online, and I paid for them in the store. The price of her jeans is 19.99 and the prices of my jeans are 24.99. Whether I choose online shopping or in-store shopping the price is going to change based on which one I choose. On the other hand, prices are usually cheaper online because there are fewer expenses to pay for the online store. Online stores typically have more products on hand, so they can make the clothes or products cheaper because they have so many of them item.

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