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Differnce Between Online and Physical Shopping

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Introduction Online shopping or online retailing is a form of electronic commerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without an intermediary service. An online shop, eshop, e-store, Internet shop, webshop, webstore, online store, or virtual store evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or shopping centre As we know that online shopping is the easy way shopping but also there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages.

To overcome the technological challenges as well as global challenges most of the business organizations are running towards ecommerce or e-business. For the shopping of the two items I choose malla emporium and muncha. com to buy Saree and amazon. com and GS electronics to buy watch. While going to shopping I was unknown that what kind of saree to buy so I went in muncha. com for online shopping of saree . There I got different types of saree which can fulfill my requirement. So I choose chiffon saree with blouse set. After then I moved to malla emporium for shopping of same that type of saree.

There they show almost all kind of saree but I couldn’t find the saree like that which I got in muncha. It was so difficult to select saree and quality of it and while selecting there is a loss of time also but while doing by online it was easy and less time consuming. Another good that I would like to buy was watch. For watch I went to amazon. com which is a much known online business site. When I moved to amazon. com I was confused that which kind of watch I should buy. So I search watch at first then I saw titan watch which I like very much so I select that.

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To buy watch I went to GS electronics where there is showroom of watch. There I looked for the same watch but it was too difficult. I got titan watch but I couldn’t get the same one and the price rate was so different. 2. Shopping Comparison between Online and Physically In this world human being always prefer change. And by keeping in view this thing, there is another drastic change we see in shopping. Now a day we saw two types of shopping. The first is done by physically and the second is done by online. Attributes of shopping modes Characteristics

Attributes Physical Shopping Online Shopping Information/Gathering ShoppingTravel cost- When I go to malla emporium for shopping there is a requirement of travel cost. No travel cost- While I do shopping through ebay, travel cost is not required. I can get a service in one click. Travel time- In the physically shopping we’ve to reach upto that store so there is loss of time. No travel time- As we do shopping by online then we can do shopping by one click in our home itself so time will be saved. More shopping fun- person have different view point.

So while doing shopping physically we can enjoy. Less shopping fun- Online shopping is done by one click staying at a place so it’s not so fun. Less information certainity- That’s not sure that every shopkeeper tells the truth about the product so we cannot get full information about the product. More information certainity- We can get the real information that we want about the products in online shopping. Purchase/ TransactionHigher Purchase Price- When we do shopping by physically we’ve to charge high price because there is hidden cost like rental, inventory, labor cost.

Lower purchase price- Online shopping help us to get a services in a reasonable price then physically shopping. Less distrust feelings caused by transactions. More distrust feelings caused by transactions. Transactions are mostly made by cash but in some place there are used of visa, debit cards. Transactions only occurred through master cards, credit cards, visa, debit card. Delivery timeNo delivery time- We can get the services by hand to hand so no delivery time is required.

Delivery time- While doing shopping through online there is requirement of time for delivering of goods to us. Less inconvenience caused by delivery. More inconvenience caused by delivery. 3. Conclusion/ Recommendation Based on the project leading individuals to reallocate their time and money resources, this study examined the time and cost attributes of shopping modes, and explored the tradeoff between these two attributes, i. e. , the value of time, by assuming that consumers were faced with a shopping mode choice between physical store shopping and e-shopping.

The final estimated value of time include two types: the value of travel time to shopping places, physical stores as far as this study concerned, and the value of waiting time for the delivery of purchased products. Of course consumers’ concern toward e-shopping is not only about time and cost. Some psychological aspects, such as information uncertainty and transaction security, have been playing an important role in dominating consumers’ e-shopping behavior, and have been even more widely discussed in the literature.

However, ecommerce continues to advance, in speed and security in particular, it is generally believed that online information will be to a great extent improving both in quantity and quality in the near future. By that time, consumers’ negative perceptions towards e-shopping, such as information uncertainty and transaction security, may fade away. If this is going to be true, then consumers’ psychological concern over e-shopping may gradually be disappearing in the future. On the other hand, the economic concern over the travel problem; i. . , travel time and travel cost, about physical store shopping, and product delivery problem about e-shopping will ever exist. This makes the value of travel time is more costly then the value of delivery time, this study estimates worth noting. Moreover, this study also found that purchasing online to save travel time and travel cost, which is worth more for avoiding a shopping trip can be very inviting to consumers, even though it is at the cost of waiting for a delivery of purchased products, which is worth an average monetary value.

While delivering goods there arises problem. Delivery charge differs according to the goods. First, the value of product delivery time seems to highly depend on the types of products consumers shop and purchase. After all, waiting for a delivery of saree may take more time which I need for the especial party and also while delivering watch also takes time which I had to gift for the birthday f my brother.

But also this delivery time is reduce by this online business sites according to the products. According to this project I come to know that online shopping is better for shopping rather than physically shopping because there is saving of time, money and we can get the more information about the products and services which we don’t get from the physically shopping. In the case of security there is strict rules and regulations which help us to get the product safely.

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