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Since the rise and popularization of internet, many websites provide a platform for purchasing things online. These store Apps are designed to assist the user in purchasing the things online while sitting at home and viewing a variety of products. Product categories that are typically targeted by such applications include products from every field of life.

Our application will incorporate the effort of common people who have organic farming or the talent of making 100% organic things. The application will provide a platform to the sellers to sell their products with their own identity and price the products accordingly. Our designed platform will help the customers to buy the organic product regarding many fields of life. We will also deal in herbs and a wide range of herbal products will also be sold.

Both seller and buyer would be able to communicate with each other using our platform. IntroductionIn history agriculture was done without the use of chemicals but now a day a huge amount of different type of chemicals are used in agriculture to grow things faster. It is causing harm to the environment. With increasing urbanization and modernization there has been an increase in prevalence of using inorganic products that contain harmful material and have several bad effects with some benefits as well.

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Globally, around 23% of adults aged 18 and over were not active enough in 2015 (men 20% and women 27%) due to inorganic farming. Inorganic farming is a key risk factor for most of the diseases now a day such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes and many more. Globally, 1 in 4 adults is the patient of multiple serious diseases. Considering the public health implications it is essential to promote Organic Farming in context of an individual's health and environment.

The emerging popularity of Online shopping Apps has presented an interesting challenge to mobile application developers. Applications like these have the potential to motivate its users in saving time and money and breaking a trend of taking out time to go to market and waste so much time to look for product.With the help of our application we will target the common people effort and hard work.

The feature that distinguishes our application from others is our target that is common people selling all products made of completely from organic thing not a single amount of chemical is added. We will describe the design, development, and evaluation of an app that will help people to buy products that are made of 100% organic things and of herbs. The common people hard work is targeted and has given a platform where they will buy and sell the organic products and easily get rid of many diseases.

This chapter describes the background, problem definition, purpose, goals, scope, methodology and the limitations of this project.


Inorganic and chemically formulated products are significant public health problems worldwide with serious health consequences. Globally, 1 in 4 adults is not active enough due to many diseases. More than 80% of the Pakistan's population is insufficiently physically well.

Moreover, Research approves that the causes of many new diseases is this Inorganic farming. But there are some people who work hard in organic farming and make 100% organic things but they don't have any specific platform to bring their talent in-front of the world. This creates a need of online shopping website that will help users to display their products so that the people who want to buy fully organic products could buy from here.

Similarly it allows people to buy different products made organic things and herbs regarding different field of life. Moreover, people who don't know how to make organic things at home would be easily able to buy their required products with complete assurance of the products to be organic. Motivation and ScopeThe main motivation of this project is to provide a platform to both sellers and buyers to provide access to homemade things of several different kinds at one place of sellers to sell and buyers to buy.


  • The application will be designed to serve in all over Pakistan. Everyone can get benefit from our website irrespective of age and gender.
  • Login- Only the authorized users will be able to access the system through proper log in.
  • Product Category and Items- The admin will add organic items and herbs categories to the system. The seller will add different products to the selected category. The same information could be updated and deleted.
  • View details- The buyer will be able to view details of the selected item.
  • Shopping cart- The buyer will place order for more than 1 item and add this information to the cart. The buyer will also be able to modify the information in the shopping cart.
  • Online shopping- The system will allow the user to place order for the selected items regarding his need.
  • Cost calculation and payment- The system will calculate total cost of the item placed in the cart and provide payment options.
  • Seller Profile- This module will allow the user to be registered as seller and will display their products on the platform given by using their own identity.
  • Buyer Profile- This module will allow the user to be registered as a buyer and can view different items uploaded on the website and avail the opportunity of getting different offers and they don't need to give their complete information every time while placing order it would be stored in the system.
  • Feedback- The system will allow the buyer to give their response about the product that they have used. But only this option will be given to those who have purchased that particular item from the website. There will be no fake feedback.
  • Search- It will be easy for the customer to search the products based on his interest. The search will be done on different categories like seller name, category, price etcRelated Work1.


Sourcing solely the best and most strong ingredients, they select minerals from the Dead Sea, the best plant biological sciences and essential oils and also the highest quality botanical actives to formulate the merchandise. They apprehend that the simplest skin and hair care merchandise square measure made up of minimally processed botanicals: organic or responsibly wild crafted, pure, raw, live, unrefined, and handled fastidiously to not diminish their efficiency.

Advantages:-i. They provide organic products in one category i.e. hair and skin care organic products.ii. They provide advice regarding problems of hair and skin. Disadvantages:-i. The range of products available is limited.ii. The products are not 100% organic. And also not products only related to organic is been given.

2. PansariPANSARI on-line store was planned when an exploration and realization that however seasonal medication is vital and the way will we tend to connect back to the current kind of pharmacy that is distant currently. This heritage has virtually been lost and up to date pharmacy took over and folks most well-liked choosing speedy results instead of set their malady during a correct manner and some way that isn't harmful in any suggests that.

Nature has most future for North American nation which may profit North American nation in marvelous ways that. Nothing during this universe is while not a value, and this can be what PANSARI is functioning at, to supply quality herbs and remedies to match your needs.


  • They provide herbal and related products.
  • They help user to buy multiple things like food supplements, honey, dry fruits and Arq.
  • They also provide Hakim online where people could contact with them.


  • They provide multiple things that also contain some amount of chemical in them like in supplements and beauty products. That means not 100% organic.
  • A huge variety of things made from organic farming related every field of life is not present.

 Organic Jiyo

Organic Jiyo was supported to get an easy resolution to a true problem: obtaining reliable organic merchandise was too exhausting and too valuable for thus several in Pakistan; these merchandise weren't without delay offered in grocery stores.


  1. They provide beauty, grocery, dairy and salads and herbs products.
  2. They provide different offers and recipes regarding these products.


  1. The product they provide is not 100% organic.
  2. They only work in Lahore.
  3. Deals in limited amount of product.


inOrganic Shop is India's largest on-line merchant of organics and natural merchandise. With a baton of over 220 trustworthy organic brands in Asian nation like right down to Earth, Organic Asian nation, Rustic Art, does one Speak inexperienced, seasonal Hills and plenty of additional certified organic and natural brands. Organic look has the simplest assortment of organic, natural, seasonal and ayurvedic merchandise in Asian nation.


  1. They provide a wide range of organic items related every field of life.
  2. Different sorts of offers are also given on items


  1. The product present are sold by the brands own name not by the seller's name who have done the hard work to make those product.
  2. They only work in India.
  3. It cannot be called only organic store different other things like bed sheets, gels, towels, clothes and etc.

It is a sort of general store.Goals and objectivesOur goal is to help everyone in recognizing their talent in the field of organic products and to reduce diseases from society. Our target people are those who are looking to perform better in their daily life and to earn some money by having an appropriate platform. This project is about the goodwill of the people.

The more people benefit from this project, the more we feel achieved and honoured.? To develop the attention in the organic and herbal products.? To motivate the interest of people who can make herbal and organic products by their knowledge and can easily start getting income from it by staying at home.? To facilitate a connection between seller and buyer directly.

We plan to move this project on large scale outside the Pakistan that means world-wide every-one would be able to avail the opportunity of buying 100% organic products and paying in their currencyWe will manage to arrange Hakeem, Doctors and Nutritionist so that people could consult them online. In this way, the tradition of inorganic farming will be replaced by organic farming using modern tools integrated with computation and networking.

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