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Informative Speech Outline 1. Intro 2. 1 Attention Step: Wouldn’t it be cool to know how to do some stunts in Tekken? 2. 2 Involvement Step: The video game Tekken consists of many martial art disciplines like jeet kune do, street fighting, taekwondo, ninjitsu, sumo wrestling, aikido, judo, karate, and many more. These are the most common martial art disciplines people would think about when you say the word Tekken. But why don’t we focus on 2 certain characters namely Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro. These 2 characters are doing some martial art discipline that looks a lot like they are dancing it rather than martial arts.

So did you know that the martial art disciplines Christie and Eddy are doing is called Capoeira. 2. 3 Indication Step (thesis statement): Capoeira is considered as a martial art discipline because it used for fighting, acrobatics, dancing, playing, and tradition. 2. Body 3. 4 Major point 1: Fighting, dancing, and tradition 3. 5. 1 Supporting detail: It is considered one of the most comprehensive forms of physical conditioning and is an integrated balance of mind, strength, rhythm, poetry, agility, and harmony (Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Philippines, 2012). 3. 5. Supporting detail: It is the maximum expression of liberty and keeps the art of the ancestors alive, being part of Brazilian and now, world history (Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Philippines, 2012). 3. 5 Major point 2: Acrobatics, and playing 3. 6. 3 Supporting detail: The roda is the center of Capoeira (Rensselaer, n. d. ). Being the center of Capoeira, the roda has always been considered as the playing grounds of the Capoeiristas. It is where they practice their moves, styles, and forms. While two Capoeiristas play in the middle of a roda, everyone else watching them play is making music.

Some will be in-charge of playing the instruments, while the rest will enjoy singing until it’s their turn. 3. 6. 4 Supporting detail: Capoeira is kind of similar to acrobatics because of the movements involved in the martial art. Au de Cabeca movement is essentially a cartwheel done on your head. We recommend you are comfortable with queda de rins and au before you try au de cabeca. Learning au de cabeca will be easier and quicker to learn and you will be equipped with the right skills needed in perfecting this specific au (Capoeira Universe, 2011). 3.

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Conclusion Capoeira is like any other recreational sports that help build our bodies and keep us healthy. So why not give it a try? References Capoeira Universe. (2011, June 11). Basic Capoeira Moves List. Retrieved from Capoeira Universe: http://capoeirauniverse. com/capoeira-moves/basic-capoeira-moves-list/ Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Philippines. (2012). Capoeira. Retrieved from EBC Philippines: http://www. ebcphilippines. com/index. php/capoeira/ Rensselaer. (n. d. ). The Roda. Retrieved from Rensselaer: http://capoeira. union. rpi. edu/roda. php

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