My choice of topic falls on the first one – the Barbara case

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This story is about delivery of new born and the choice of sex before the birth of a child. The parents can actually have babies of the desired sex at the desired time. It also talks about choosing further - choosing the characters of a baby. This story also tells about two women living together and having to bring forth a child, fulfilling their dreams. They need not necessary adopt a baby who does not carry their blood. So generally the story is about reproduction, parenthood and choices of it.

There is also an element of same sex marriage, the rights to it and legalization of the same. There is the example of man and woman relationship that one of Dan and Barbara and an example of the woman and woman one but the bottom line here is that both sets of couples have brought forth babies. The common thing about the babies is that their parents chose the characters of their babies. My response to the read story is that it is such a technology is real helping people especially in this age where parents can not afford many babies.

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So getting the right sex as per the parents desire is something really good. The other very important thing is that the parents get to know if they are expecting a boy or a girl, they get to shop for the right stuff in advance, and also get the best name for the baby. I fully agree with the writer about Barbara wanting two babies a boy and a girl. It is so wonderful that technology will help people realize their dreams. I found a new thing that some hereditary factors can be altered.

When Barbara says ‘ and while I was at it, I made sure that Max wouldn’t turn out to be fat like my brother Tom, or addicted to alcohol like Dan’s sister Karen’ this surprised me that one can refuse their kids to carry a negative gene that’s in the family! This makes me think that at this rate, with the current technology even diseases that run through some families will be dealt with such that babies will be enjoying perfect health. It makes me wonder if crippled people be no more. Perhaps technology can detect this earlier and fix the problem. In my understanding science and technology will outdo nature.

When this technology was lacking people just waited for nature to take its course about sex and character of a baby. Parents only knew what they had expecting after it was actually born. I really dislike the two mothers’ part. Although people should be given the right to choose how they will lead their lives; I quite dislike this one thing about same sex marrying. I think it is only fair for a child to have a mother and a father. Not two fathers or two mothers. I really like the fact that the two can realize their dreams of having a baby. The fact that the baby has both parents’ genes is to me better than the two women having to adopt a baby.

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