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Informative Speech Topic: Panic Attacks General Purpose

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Attention Getter: Have any of you ever been scared of going on a roller coaster or going into a hunted maze? Did you know that you are prone to a Panic attack?

Audience to Relevance: For those of you who have been scared of going on a roller coaster or scared of going into to a hunted maze, and those who are not scared at all. Allow me to give you information about Panic Attacks. This will give you enough knowledge about Panic Attacks, and you will be able to help other and even yourself. Credibility material: As a person that has experienced Panic Attacks, due to being scared of roller coasters. I would like for others to be informed about Panic Attacks. Preview of speech: Knowing that Panic Attack happen suddenly and not everybody enjoys roller coasters or hunted mazes.

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One must be ready and know the facts about Panic Attacks. First I will explain what a Panic Attack is. Second, I will explain what triggers Panic Attacks and last what are the symptoms of a Panic Attack. Link: First, What is a Panic Attack?


A Panic Attack is the state of intense fear brought on by very high anxiety and can happen suddenly. . Panic Attacks is the fear of dying, losing control or going crazy. About four million Americans, 5% of adults, suffer from panic attacks.  A Panic Attack Is also the fear of doing something new, or failing when attempting something. Link: Second, what are the symptoms of a Panic Attack? Panic Attacks usually have a variety of symptoms, some not noticeable to make you worry. . Some of the very noticeable symptoms of a Panic Attack are hyperventilation, shaking, feeling unreal, nausea, hot or cold flashes, and numbness. . Some of the less severe symptoms are choking feeling, sweating, or upset stomatch. Link: finally, What triggers a Panic Attack? Panic Attacks are triggered by a specific situation, that causes you fear or to stress. . Situations such as crossing a bridge or speaking in public. For me is getting on roller coasters. . Panic Attacks are also triggered by situations that have caused a Panic Attack before.


Summary statement: As you can observe, we are all prone to a panic attack it can be triggered by numerous situations, it doesn’t have to be roller coasters or hunted mazes or even speaking in public. But there is something we all fear. I have explained what a Panic attack is, the symptoms of a panic attack and what triggers a panic attack. Now you have been informed of what a panic attack is and have knowledge of panic attacks Audience response statement: Now you know what the knot in your throat and that constant sweating is, when you present or are in line at Six Flags.

WOW statement: After all this information I’ve researched, so far its unknown how Panic Attacks happen, and what goes on in our nervous system when having a Panic Attack

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Informative Speech Topic: Panic Attacks General Purpose essay

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