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Southwest Airline, one of the most successful airline companies that have been a provider of quality air transportation services for travelers world wide. In a sense, the Southwest Airlines is known for its extraordinary customer service, which the entire firm believes that their customer service is the main reason of their uniqueness among any other leading airline companies.

During the early years of the Southwest Airline, customers’ enjoyment and satisfaction is clearly evident as their primary company goal or aim that through outstanding customer service, both Rollin King and Herb Kelleher believe that people will definitely patronize their service and will come back to fly with their airline again Several; years have pass by and  the founders of Southwest Airlines have proven that they are absolutely correct with their beliefs, as the Southwest Airline is now one of the reliable, well established, strong, competitive and customer friendly airline company. (Freiberg et al)

According to Colleen Barrett - the current president of Southwest Airline, they believe that their Mission Statement is a significant piece of communication due to their belief that it communicates their goal as a company through their employee Apart from just flying aircraft and transporting people or their customer to their desired destination, Southwest Airline focuses to implement their company Mission Statement and  provide their passenger or “customer” a totally different air transportation “service”. (Southwest Airlines)

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One of the most efficient company practice, the Southwest Airline have is their commitment to provide their employees a secure working environment with equal opportunity to learn and grow personally. In addition to this, these include the program of the firm to develop creativity and innovation to improve the effectiveness of the Southwest Airline. Southwest Airlines is committed to provide their employees equal respect, concern and care as their employees are likely to share the same affections externally with all the Southwest Airlines customers and passengers. With these practices, the entire Southwest Airline Company was able to meet their desired quality of customer service. Nonetheless, through these profound employee programs Southwest was recognized to be one of the leading airlines companies that lead its industry in terms of customer service. (Freiberg et al.)

In a sense, the goal of Southwest Airlines is to provide their customers and passengers with a sense of “warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit”, which these serve as their promise and steadfast to honor each and everyday of their service. (Freiberg et al.)

Southwest Airlines had been the first air companies to put-up a web page through their “”, which is considered to be one of the finest strategic practice of the firm to create a direct link to their Client’s computer and transmit live updates of the hottest information. Through this innovation, the Southwest was able to reach deeper and easier their customers or clients. (Freiberg et al.)

In a thorough analysis of the company’s strategic practices, Southwest Airlines is famous on transporting or flying huge numbers of passengers on a speedy process at a lowest bargain air-fare and move their customers or passengers directly from city to city. Also, the firm’s avoidance on over crowded airports is one of the strategies used by the Southwest Airlines to transport their customers or passengers on time to their desired destination. Defining their own market segment had been the essential strategic practice of Southwest Airlines, which they pledge to serve their own market in the most professional and economical way. Furthermore, the introduction of Southwest Airlines on longer nonstop trips on is their strategy to transport or travel their customers and passengers to their destination on time and in the fastest way possible. Also, the company practices one stop trips that enable Southwest Airlines to be the fastest and the safest airline company in the entire United States. After all, these facts on the airline’s practices are definitely justifiable reasons to say that the company led its industry in terms of high quality air transportation customer service. (Freiberg et al.)

In the end, it is no doubt that the entire Southwest Airline Company has a passionate focus to improve and develop their customer service practices in able to better meet the satisfaction of their customer. With all of the above facts about the company’s existing practices, it is fair enough to say that Southwest is in deed one of the leading airline firms. Nonetheless, this paper gives a clear picture of Southwest’s focus on their customer service practices to lead its industry in terms of customer satisfaction.


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