Sony Playstation Being Hacked

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Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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On April 27 the world was shocked to find out that the Germans hacked one of the biggest companies in the world. Sony Play station has been around for many of years, they have grown to be a big accomplishment to the world. The Sony Company has television, video games, and online access. The only company I really grew up using was being hacked, and had to shut the whole system down. The gamers aren’t the only ones in trouble from being hacked, but if you bought anything from Sony such as a television, or a game on the internet the hackers may have your credit card number.

The reason why this article interested me, because you would never think in a million years that this would happen to a big company that everyone uses. Hackers would have your personal information that you should only know. One thing that stands out the most is that they have to shut down the whole system, so by you having a Playstation 3 your internet is down. That means no Netflix, downloading, or anything right now that has to do with the system. The United States is a big thing on technology, that’s what we rely on to get use through our everyday life.

This is a big economical and social problem for the users of Sony. They have hacked more than 77 million user’s information, which mean that by them doing that they have messed up a lot of people trust with the company. The new users wouldn’t trust the company, and probably go to a company that they will feel that their personal information will be in safe hands. The Company will not be making money, because they had to shut the whole system down. That’s mean no buying movies, downloading games, etc, and that where the big money comes from.

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