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Sony Unveils New Versions of PlayStation 4

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Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony Corp., unveiled on Wednesday two new versions of its PlayStation 4 Console in an effort to help Sony maintain its sales lead over Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd. The PlayStation 4 Pro, which will launch Nov.

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Sony Unveils New Versions of PlayStation 4

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. The console will cost $399. Additionally, the company unveiled a slimmer, lighter and more energy efficient version of its PlayStation 4 console, which will come out Sept. 15 and will cost $299. PlayStation Pro, whose code name is "Neo," will support Sony's virtual reality headset, due to launch in October. The PlayStation VR headset will go on sale in the United States on Oct. 13 with 50 titles available by the end of the year, the company has said. Additionally, Sony will make an upgrade available that will enable all 40 million users of its PlayStation 4 console to upgrade to HDR, House said. Netflix Inc. will launch a new app when the console launches with 600 hours of 4K content, including its hit crime series Narcos, House said

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