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Company information Sony Company was founded in 1946 in Tokyo physicist Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka engineer. The company consisted of 20 employees, they were engaged in the repair of electrical equipment and tried to create their own products. At that moment, any development and production have been hampered. Because of the post-war limits on the consumption of electricity has consistently exceeded this limit and "Tokyo Research Laboratory" kicked out of their official location, production forcibly moved into the ruins of an abandoned building.

In the "new" building roof was full of holes everywhere and everyone had to work under the umbrellas. But this was another plus - unlimited energy. The success of the company acquired in 1946 when Sony released the first transistor in Japan and the first "all - transistor" radio in 1955. For more than 50 years from the date when the company first started to sell their products, it has grown from 20 employees to more than 160,000 people worldwide.

Sony name was chosen from the Latin word Sonus. In the beginning it was called "Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Tox-gaysya" (Tokyo telecom and industrial company) or bbreviated Totsuka Today Sony Corporation designs and manufactures consumer and industrial electronic equipment. The company's products include audio and video equipment, televisions, displays, electronic components, computers and computer peripherals and telecommunication equipment.

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Akio Morita led the company for a long time, was responsible for marketing and sales, and managed to bring it to a huge success in the market. Sony made its name on a good and attractive design and innovation. The company paid a special role downsizing their products. In 1950 the company released its first radio - ?«TR-63", this initiated ompany's success. In the years 1970-1980 appeared the first portable audio player Walkman. In 1983, Sony, in cooperation with Philips launched the first CD.

All Sony Corporation is composed of eight departments: Sony Corporation (holding management, consumer electronics and professional); Sony Computer Entertainment (game consoles Playstation, and video games); Sony Mobile Communications (mobile phones) ; Sony Vaio (laptops); sony Bravta (TV); Sony Music Entertainment (music industry); Sony Pictures Entertainment (production and producing films, owns studios Columbia Pictures and TriStars Pictures); Sony Financial Holdings (operations in the financial sector - insurance, banks).

A couple of interesting facts about Sony: When Sony, together with the Panasonic, developed CDs, then their capacity was determined randomly. A survey was conducted among potential buyers about what kind of music they will listen on CDs. The survey showed that people are most interested in perfectly crisp sound of classical music. Because in Japan the sales leader cassettes was "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony," and it lasted about 74 minutes, then 74 minutes was converted into a 16-bit stereo into bytes.

Then it was determined that an optical drive should nave a capacity ot MB; Masaru Ibuka addition to the company Sony, was occupied by the Association of Early Childhood Development and the organization "Talent Education"; Sony founders were faithful to their company until the end and never refused in consultation, even in the last year of life. Company Sony is very successful over last several decades and uses its innovation and developments to create a multibillion and multinational electronic empire.

No doubt that such a big company would not become without a brilliant managers nd engineers. Sony - a company tradition and modernity rules bordering future. Business Strategy Sony's Business Strategy is to become the leading global provider of networked consumer electronics and entertainment in the world. In order to do that Sony will try to save market shares in developed countries by introducing innovative technologies and produce new products to emerging markets to achieve higher sales growth and at last occupy bigger market share.

The main objective of the Sony Corporation is designing and creating innovative quality products which give benefits to people. SWOT Strengths Company is able to produce innovative products with high quality. Sony is able to be successful in several different markets for example company has made an impact in the PC market, video game market and especially the television market. Sony is able to be successful in several different markets for example company has made an impact in the PC market, video game market, mobile market, cameras market and especially the television market.

Sony is one of fast growing companies. Corporation ranks among top 10 fastest-growing companies of the Word. Sony uses Machine-to- Machine (M2M) solution remote monitoring technology-based service solutions. The solution allows cost-effectively and continually monitor and manage the various components of production. Weaknesses Products are 20 to 30 percent higher than comparable goods of others companies. For example, for this reason, people in developing countries with minimum salaries cannot afford to by Sony's excellent products.

Sony tries to close the gap with technologies companies such as Amazon or Apple which use Internet services to improve their electronics. However, because of its business overload of heavy perating costs leading to inefficient supply chain Sony is missing that market gap. Opportunities Sony has opportunity to sell complementary products and services in saturated markets in Japan and USA and standard products in emerging markets in China, India, Latin America.

Sony can use "user-friendly applications", innovative materials and attractive visual appearance to differentiate products develops new technologies Threats Sony always uses and New companies can enter the market because the shift from analog to digital technology became easier. This is because complicated functionality has become oncentrated in semiconductors and it is easier to manufacture. Economic uncertainty and political instability in markets of China, India, and Russia is more violated.

Mission and vision of Sony Mission of Sony it's running to make best price intended for consumer, and get better the excellence of existence for the after that age group from side to side our improvement. Vision of Sony it's necessity to look for new capabilities to move toward to change our skill to realize together gainful in addition to stable increase. Sony Company aspires for sustainable enlargement because bazaar of manufacturing lectronic customer supplies becomes wider. Inside together container, the Sony product determination engages in recreation a critical fraction.

Sony corporation is clever to institute its extensive management by obtain additional physically powerful electronics corporation in addition to their results, which be after that Joint depended on improvement corporation. Submission of preparation to its workers, usual corporation process, in addition to the availability of modern equipment after that remain strengthen the place of the various creations of company on the market. The objective of Sony Company is in the direction of safe the extension of the trade in a sustainable method, at the same time as next to the similar occasion continually improve the company's productivity.

Attaining this objective involves four points: transition to the most important place in the market; focus attention to stay on top of a forceful distributers of the electronic offers; work in the direction of get better the company's competence in addition to reduce expenses in action; continuously enlargement from side to side in technologies expanding own destination to increase their value for investors. PEST Political Tariff lowering in EIJ countries will affect at import and export operations in Sony Corporation, because the price will be modified due to this policy.

Bad influence of political instability including unexpectedly Juridical changes, changes in import and export controls and conflicts among developing countries. Economic Foreign exchange rate changes can nave an ettect on financial situation because large part of Sony's sales and assets are denominated in foreign currencies Social Electronics commodities are standardized products therefore culture has not a big impact. In all most markets, customer preferences are similar. In fact, the more standardized product, allow to sell it worldwide this helps organization to have 'transference of marketing' across countries.

Technological Advanced technologies are a key issue to be more competitive in the market. Sony tries to manufacture most innovative products that will be hard to copy and will help them to lead in the market, so the company does not stop in self-improvement.

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