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Sony PlayStation: SWOT Analysis

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Lake of ass games Less innovation compare to Worrisome


1 . Sony has long history of successful product such as Walkway, AS.

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2. Sony can establish a license agreement quickly with large number of third party game developers, some of them turned into exclusive agreements.

3. Get the advantage of ASS, a lot of people still buying it from Amazon or Best buy, etc.

4. Blue Ray become the standard format for high definition content.

5. Production Sony Palpitation: Soot Analysis By sambaed


1 . After 7 month of WI Launched in the market, all the shipments of WI been sold immediately

2. Low retail price of Oxbow 360 and WI when we compare it to ASS

3. Microsoft strategy of development process through the creation of CAN, new software tools that will make the cost of games creation low, that will decrease the game prices.

4. The WI wireless controller and creative Ideas

Step 2: Problem Defined Even thought that Sony is a great company and AS had several peaks, and achieve a lot of success and had been the top , but after w while, when Oxbow 360 and WI, showed up in the market with their latest Technology the Market share of AS 3 starts to decline , Oxbow and WI start to earn this share, so the Key problem is the Decline in Market share.

Step 3: Identification of Alternatives:

1 . Keep the current price of ASS, and increase the marketing and advertising and offer low price games

2. Decrease the price of ASS to gain larger market share.

Step 4: Critical Issues:

1 . Most of the new video games based of physical activities such as baseball, football, horse racing, etc.

2. Market Dominance was geographically shifted to Japan , from the west coast of US

3. Most of the movies now days, released as Video games.

4. Sony ascent to market leadership was fast in the ass.

5. ASS is still in the Market.

Step 5: Alternatives Analysis:

. First: Keep the current price of ASS, and increase the marketing and advertising and offer low price games Sony could keep the high retail price of ASS to stay in the high class level but they can increase the marketing, buy pushing the idea of high quality, high price specially the Blue Ray definition, and offering lower prices and more diverse games to make people would like to buy ASS even with its high retail Price, and to mention the great history of Sony.

. Second: decrease the price of ASS. Sony can decrease the retail price of ASS, that will lead to larger market share faster, specially that the production cost of ASS will go down in 2008 and later, and they should find a way to keep the production cost lower.

Step 6: Recommendation: also be able to compete Nintendo and Oxbow even in prices, plus they should focus more on the Marketing and Advertising , and to market the idea of high quality and Blue ray definition between people and push it into homes and gather industry support , also don't forget to produce more divers games with lower prices, and the most important customer they should focus on and try to retain are the ASS users by encouraging them to upgrade to ASS.

Sony PlayStation: SWOT Analysis essay

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