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Significant Effects of Music

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The study entitled Significant Effects of Music aims to determine the factors that causes the youth to get involved to music, the significant effects, whether would be positive or negative, that it brought to them, the comparative effects it take them to music while studying, between listening and reviewing. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the factors that influence and cause the youth to get involved into music?
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  3. What are the significant effects of music?
  4. What are the desirable effects of getting involved into listening music?
  5. What are the undesirable effects of getting involved into listening music?
  6. How does music affects their performance in school?

The study made use of the descriptive method to determine the desirable and undesirable effects of music. The data were gathered through survey questionnaire given to some junior students. This respondent of the study were roughly 72 students selected using the Proportional Stratified Random Sampling method.

The students were chosen carefully so that the samples represent the population. The study made use of previous researcher, interview, music manuals, research books, related literature on the book from the library and other on formations through the internet. Data gathered were the basis of the research in drawing the conclusion. The researcher problem focuses on the significant effects of music on junior students. After gathering and summarizing data the researchers come up to the following results.

That junior student perceived that the psychological/emotional factor obtaining a total evaluated score of 133 ranks as number one factor that drives them to listen to music. Second and third, mental and social respectively. Total evaluated score higher than zero on statements on the desirable and undesirable effects of music presented on the survey questionnaire would mean that evaluated statements were accepted to be true. On the other hand total evaluated score less than zero would indicate that there is no significant evidence to show that the evaluated statement manifest such effect.

Junior students perceived DS3 as the most desirable effect of music. That is music makes them happy, relaxed, and energized. Junior students perceived US3 as the most undesirable effect of music. That is music makes them lose track of time enabling them to accomplish their work and household chores. Junior students perceived that music has something to do with regards to their performance in school. Majority agreed that music improves their learning ability while reviewing. Music plays an important part of an individual.

People listen and engage into music because of many reasons such

  • to fulfill own satisfaction
  • to enjoy
  • to express feelings
  • to relax
  • to produce sense of participation
  • to lighten burden/work easier etc.

Based on the survey results, it is the psychological or emotional factor that drives the junior students most to listen to music which is in congruence and in relation to the most perceived desirable effect that is music makes them happy, relaxed and energized. Even so, there is still a great variability to the extent of engagement. Although findings show that music offers a wide selection of pleasant effects since all statements presented were shown and proven to be true, careful considerations must be given to the negative effects for result show that from among 5 presented statements on undesirable effects of music, 3 were evidently true. No matter how little or significant it is, take into account that there is always a risk. When it comes to their performance in school findings prove that majority of the junior students agreed that music enhances their learning ability when reviewing.

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