Interview of Music Teacher on the Importance of Music Programs

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I had the distinct privilege and pleasure of interviewing Ms. ABC, Elementary School Music Teacher at ABC School. This interview is a true testament to the challenges educator’s face in today’s music classrooms. Music teachers are faced with diverse classrooms filled with children who have different learning styles and varying ability levels; therefore, certain issues will arise relative to the diversity. I am extremely grateful to Ms. Liza Smith for supporting me with this interview.

Why is music important? When educational cuts are made, music and art are amongst the first subjects to go. Unfortunately, it means that parents, educators and even board members are overlooking each subject`s importance. Music education is more than just introducing students to beats, notes and songs. Instead, it completely transforms a child`s mind and opens up endless possibilities to their learning potential. Why is music education important? Music is a magical gift we must nourish and cultivate in our children, especially now as scientific evidence proves that an education in the arts makes better math and science students, enhances spatial intelligence in newborns, and let's not forget that the arts are a compelling solution to teen violence, certainly not the cause of it! " Is music learning underrated? Music is something with affects the mind, body and spirit, but yet its importance is often underrated, especially when it comes to the educational benefits of which there are many.

With the ability to influence behavior, social skills, sensitivity and general achievement, music can have positive effects on many aspects of life. In children, music education is important as it promotes a desire to persevere and succeed, as well as having a whole range of other benefits. There is some evidence to suggest that through involvement with music, children have the opportunity to fine-tune their listening skills and consequently their comprehension. Both skills can be applied to other academic subjects and can help students with problem-solving and concentration.

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Music uses both sides of the brain, so any participation will enhance learning and challenge the mind. Should Music and the Arts be used to teach other academic subjects? While studies show positive influences in other academic areas, music and the Fine Arts are an academic discipline that are, as the other academics, an independent way of learning and knowing. Reading, writing, and mathematics are important and all students should be successful in those areas, however none of those academic areas justify their existence on the basis of what is accomplished for another area. Each academic discipline is important for a well-rounded curriculum.

Music and Fine Arts are an academic area of study equal to reading, writing, mathematics and science. Should the study of Music and the Fine Arts be available to all students? Where music and Fine Arts programs have been eliminated because of funding difficulties, students have been deprived of a significant opportunity of learning and knowing about the world around them. All students should be able to “elect” to study music and the Fine Arts in depth at the secondary level. All students should have the opportunity to study music at the elementary level in a systematic, meaningful way.

If music and the Fine Arts are reserved for only wealthy schools or communities, a cultural “elite” will be created, which also creates a significant distinction of social class. Music and the Fine Arts should not only be available to those children of wealthy parents who can purchase private tutors or subsidize public schools with donations to sustain public school programs, but also to students of average or low socio-economic areas. How should Music and the Fine Arts fit into the educational curriculum? The school curriculum should be designed to deliver more than a minimal education to students.

Music and Art should be taught at every elementary school in a regular and systematic way. Music and all Fine Arts should be considered “academic electives” in secondary schools and available to all students on a multi-year basis to allow adequate time for skills to develop sufficiently for informed decisions about college programs and career choices. All academic electives, including Music and Fine Arts, should count towards entrance requirements in colleges and universities. All students graduating from public schools should have received at least one credit in Fine Arts.

All colleges and universities should require one Fine Arts credit for admission. In closing it is my belief that we as music educators, must take the lead in sharing this information with the people that can make the difference in the future; school boards, administrators, parents, and legislative representatives. We must advocate for the arts. It is vital that we become proactive in our support of the arts. By reviewing the studies involving music we have found that participation in school music has a positive impact on areas considered outside the realm of music.

As more people become aware of the research in this area, we should see increased enrollments in arts classes. The use if the arts throughout the curriculum, as a tool for better learning is an area that will expand. With dropout rates being so high, educators need to combine resources and to use the tools available for a more effective method of education. I feel that the arts will play a major roll in the future success of the education system. Don't stand on the sidelines and watch the profession dwindle away. Get involved and help it grow.

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