Why I Deserve A Scholarship In College of Education

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For the longest time, I displayed an interest in the educative arts. It has always been a matter of how I would be able to succeed in my goal that would put the complete cherry on top. To obtain a scholarship of such quantity would open up so many doors for me that it would not be difficult in the slightest to find a way to pay my way through college. There are several reasons why I would be an ideal candidate for this scholarship opportunity, so let me delve into the many aspects that will show why I deserve this opportunity to aid me in completion of my present and future goals.

It has not been too much of a struggle to work long, laborious hours and also pay for my education, while learning and absorbing as much knowledge as I could. This is true because I have displayed qualities such as responsibility and perseverance that consume my personality. However, these qualities are still present. I have adapted myself to these conditions to allow me to keep working at my goal without giving up. However, if I had a scholarship to appease my needs, I would definitely be able to focus on my education even more than I already do.

The one thing that would be on my mind would be learning, which in the end is the most important thing. I have harvested a determination for this program that may be quite unbelievable. To teach and educate others is nothing less of a dream, in my view. To be honored and awarded with an aid to help me in my endeavors would not only motivate me even more, but I would make the most of it rather than treat it less than what it is. In all honesty, it is not a fact that may be denied that those who are partaking in the educative system are not paid extremely well.

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However, I chose this profession because I have a passion that is unimaginable. It is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and deserve the aid to have an opportunity to make that vision come true. A scholarship should always be awarded to someone who is deserving of it. I have paved my way for my own edification and to have support to make it easier on myself would be not only a chance to focus on other important aspects of my work, but will allow my future to be clear of debt and worry.

Education requires complete focus. To be educated is already an opportunity in itself, and to educate is quite a noble profession, and I would appreciate to be a part of that. In summation, I believe that I am a qualifying candidate for the scholarship from the College of Education because I display qualities such as passion and motivation that will allow me to work with the utmost concentration that will bring me face to face with success.

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