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It is important to take education seriously. As a student, I feel that education is the most valuable and precious thing in life. It is also the one thing you can assure that nobody can take away from you. It is important not to let anything become an obstacle to your education. I feel that it is important to continue my own education by attending a college where I can take my studies seriously, and receive the highest degree of education possible.

Since the day I laid eyes on Northeastern University, I dreamed of attending the Business School there. Fortunately for me, I was admitted to become a member of Northeastern’s class of 2008. I will attend Northeastern University beginning Spring of 2003, with a major in Accounting. I plan to study abroad in numerous countries during my college experience, in order to expand my knowledge of different cultures, traditions and languages. I also plan to spend a semester in a foreign country participating in a Co-operative program.

I believe that it is important to experience business in a foreign country, because I am a prospective business major myself, and international relations are becoming a large part of American business. Prior to college graduation, I hope to work in a major business-oriented city, such as New York or Boston, where I can put my skills to use. I have always been fascinated with big cities, because I personally enjoy a fast-paced life. Like many aspiring businesswomen, I someday hope to become the “head-honcho” of a big company.

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For now, however, I will take things slow, and worry about my college career. How will my college education help me to contribute to my community? Well, I believe that communication is currently the leading cause of problems within a community. In my opinion, the college experience as a whole will improve my communication skills, helping me to become more active within my own community. Also, for many areas, lack of communication is due to a language barrier within the community.

Areas such as Brentwood consist of families from over 50 different countries, and with the differences between languages, it is hard for everybody to be heard. By traveling abroad and studying foreign languages, I feel that I will soon be able to contribute to improving foreign communication within my community, providing a sense of unity throughout. As you can see, I have a busy future ahead of me. I believe in the theory, “Live like there is no tomorrow,” and I certainly plan to do so. Prior to High School graduation, I hope to continue ith my success by attending my first-choice college, Northeastern University, where I will pursue a five-year Co-operative education. In order to do so, I will need financial aid, hopefully in the form of scholarships. What better a reward than money to help continue my education? I am ecstatic about learning so many new things, and being able to specialize in the areas that I enjoy most. I am anxious to see what my future holds for me, but as for now, I will keep my goals and aspirations in mind, and hope that all plays out the way I plan.

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