Roles and Responsibilities of Employees in Bpo

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SUSEE I. SYS PVT LTD ROLES AND RESPONSIBLITIES Roles and responsibilities of employees in BPO Manoj Mathew * What is MANAGEMENT Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims * Characteristics of Management Goal Oriented : It coordinates the efforts of workers to achieve the goal of the organization * Result through others : The Manager cannot do everything themselves, they must motivate the subordinates for the accomplishment * System of Authority : a hierarchy of command and control should be followed * Multi-disciplinary Subject : Management has grown taking the help of so many other disciplines such as Technological engineering , sociology and psychology * Classification of Our business activities * Technical Activities * Commercial Activities * Financial Activities * Security Activities * Accounting Activities Managerial activities * Qualities of a Manager * 1. Physical ( Healthy and energy ) * 2. Mental ( ability to understand ) * 3. Moral ( Willingness to accept responsibilities and Loyalty ) * 4. General Education ( Awareness in all areas ) * 5. Special Knowledge ( high knowledge in working area ) * 6. Experience (Knowledge arising from Work Proper ) * Different Managerial skills * Technical skills enable people to perform an operational activity involving methods, processes or techniques * Human skills enable people to communicate, persuade, manage conflict, motivate, coach, negotiate and lead. Conceptual skills enable people to come out with new ideas & creative thinking especially during uncertainty * Steps involved in Successful Delegation * Establishment of definite goals : Set goals for the BPO process * Developing Personal Discipline for Supervision : Every subordinate get the attitude to take responsibility * Establishment of Definite responsibilities : Tell what are the responsibilities to be performed * Training : Before Delegation give proper training to the subordinate * Report : Delegation Report should be submitted Control : Even after delegation supervisor should monitor * Organising the activities * Organisational Structure in susee BPO * It includes different organizational level and duties and responsibilities of the people at different level. * It is the framework or structure of an organization * Line functional Heads are which have direct responsibility and relation for accomplishing the primary objectives of the enterprise * Staff functions refer to those who ultimately responsible to work most effectively in accomplishing the primary objectives of the enterprises OPERATIONS MANAGER MR J. SUKUMAR) QUALITY ANALYSERS NAGALAKSHMI RANJINI NALINI TEAM LEADERS ARULKAMU SOUNDARI K. SARAVANAN DATA ENTRY TRAINEE DATA ENTRY TRAINEE DATA ENTRY TRAINEE DATA ENTRY OPERATORS DATA ENTRY OPERATORS DATA ENTRY OPERATORS DATA ENTRY OPERATORS PROJECT LEADERS/HEADS SHIFT1 (SANGEETHA. T) SHIFT2 (K. VEERAMANIKANDAN) OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR SHIFT 1 Mr.

A. D. VINOTHKUMAR OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR SHIFT2 (Mr. V. MAHINDRAN) M ASST MANAGER (MR MANICKAM) Responsibilities of Operations Manager * Policy Formulation: Formulating policy is one of the core duties of an operations manager. Companies must operate and function on a daily basis within a prescribed set of guidelines. These guidelines are generally established by operations managers * Planning: The planning of various company operations and activities is another major concern of the operations manager.

Operations managers tend to determine which products are bought and sold the operations manager also helps plan and coordinate activities between various departments such as determining what types of sales promotions the company will engage in. * Controlling Resources: Controlling major company resources is yet a third major function of an operations manager. Operations managers oversee the implementation of payroll policies and procedures, how much employees are paid, how funds are allocated for benefits packages and how other funds are spent to keep the company operating smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

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Operations managers regularly review financial statements to ensure that the company is operating as efficiently and as profitably as possible. * Communication: A final core responsibility of an operations manager is communicating with other management professionals within the organization to keep the company running smoothly, and communicating with other companies and organizations with which the company does business. Operations managers are responsible for putting together reports and financial statements that are essential for other top executives within the company or organization. Improving the performance of operation: Operations managers are expected to continually monitor and improve the overall performance of their operation. * Responsibilities of Assistant Manager * To be responsible for implementing the assigned areas of responsibility within the HR function. * To maintain the database and updates regularly * To generate reports based on database and updates * To clarify employees (internal customers) policies, procedures and processes * To assist in quality improvement initiatives of the areas of their work * To run the Performance Measurement Cycle is the key Responsibility Areas for Assistant Manager To coordinate and manage recruitment at various levels and finding ways to meet the ramp up plans for the organization. * To be accountable for delivery of expected assignments/results * To handle training (as and when required) Common Points for both Assistant Manager * To take initiative for improving systems and processes * Should have excellent knowledge of the market conditions * Should have appropriate knowledge about benefits administrators (PF, Gratuity, Superannuation, Insurance, etc) or training consultants, recruitment consultants, etc Responsibilities of supervisors - Assign work: Assign certain duties to the employee, explaining how those duties are to be done (i. e. what level of performance will meet the supervisor’s expectations) and communicate how the successful performance of those duties will be measured. Ensure that the employee is working under a current job description - Orient and Train: Provide appropriate orientation for the employee addressing such topics as are listed on the new employee orientation checklist at the end of this document.

Give employees the information, technology and reference materials necessary to perform jobs - Evaluate Performance: Be sure your employee is familiar with the format of the appraisal form you will be using and is clear about the evaluation process. - Resolve Complaints: Help employees address and resolve a wide variety of concerns and complaints. These typically involve job duties and job descriptions, performance standards, relations with co-workers, relations with supervisors and managers. * Responsibilities of Project Leaders role as a Project Leader (PL) is extremely vital in assuring the successful implementation of your project with volunteers * To be responsible for co-ordinating your project volunteers and your project * To act as a source of information between the management, the staff and the DEO’s through meetings * Monitor Progress: During the course of the project, the lead is responsible for monitoring progress on a regular basis. This could be daily or weekly. * Responsibilities of Team leaders * 1. Provide your team with the company’s vision and the objectives of all projects. . Create an environment oriented to open communications, creative thinking, cohesive team effort and workplace trust. 3. Lead by example (be a role model) – make your behaviour consistent with your words 4. Manage, train, and help the development of team members; help resolve any dysfunctional behaviour 5. Attempt to achieve team consensus and create win-win agreements wherever possible 6. Lead problem solving and collaboration 7. Keep discussions focused and ensure decisions lead toward closure 8. Build and foster healthy group dynamics . Assure that all team members have the required education and training to effectively participate on their assigned project. 10. Acknowledge and reward team and team member accomplishments, as well as exceptional performance * Responsibilities of Quality analyser 1. To audit the number of jobs given by the client on a daily basis 2. Record feedback and to let the Customer service Executives know about his/hers areas of improvements. 3. Bring in necessary changes to the process and constant updating of BPO core process 4.

Attend EPUB calibrations 5. To check and validate the project through final quality check * Process Workflow in susee BPO Allotment of jobs . XLS to project leader Checking priority and validate Input mail- Job receiving from clients Receiving Payment for job done Invoicing Production Sheet Submission Upload the completed project through mail or FTP Final Quality check through analyst Final process and scrutinising the project Work in progress with stipulated duration to complete the assigned job Allotment of jobs to DEO’s

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